DALLAS, TX, August 7, 2013 ( – Dallas police rushed to a hospital emergency room Tuesday morning after a baby's dead body was found inside the restroom.

Department spokesman Lt. Paul Stokes said “there was a fetus found in the restroom in the emergency room area.”


Dallas Police Child Abuse Detectives arrived at Baylor Medical Center around 9 a.m. and began reviewing surveillance tape to locate the child's mother.

Although the age and sex of the child has not yet been released, officers say they located an underage girl whom they believe to be the mother and questioned her.

As of this writing, detectives have not stated whether charges will be filed.

Angela Moss, who was visiting the hospital that day, told the local CBS affiliate it was “very shocking…to hear anything like that” would happen “in an emergency room.”

“You would think she would be in the emergency room and just stay there until she gets help,” she said.

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“Horror that they would do something like that when they’re in a hospital where they could get help,” said another visitor, Reggie Hayes.

The event is the latest in a bizarre rash of young mothers who are giving birth in restrooms and abandoning their babies. Abortion facility workers encourage mothers to flush their babies down the toilet if they accidentally give birth before a late-term abortion.