Dean: Avoid Using Term “Pro-Choice” to Attract Potential Conservative Voters

WASHINGTON, February 14, 2005 ( – The new chairman of the US Democratic Party, Howard Dean, cautioned his party members to avoid using the term “pro-choice” when referring to themselves, in order not to alienate potential conservative voters. 

Dean, making the comments Thursday at the Democratic National Committee meeting, said, “I don’t think we should use ‘pro-choice’,” because it brands Democrats as too pro-abortion, according to a New York Post report. 

Republicans ridiculed Dean, saying Democrats wouldn’t fool anyone as long as they keep voting against bills like the partial-birth abortion ban and parental notification for a child’s abortion. 

Dean also said he would be spending a “disproportionate” amount of time in Republican “red” states, trying to win support for the Democrats.

“I’m going to spend a disproportionate part of my time in red states, because I think that’s where we really need attention,” he said.

“That’s great. We won’t have to worry about firing up the Republican base if he comes to red states,” said Republican pollster John McLaughlin. “They’ll be turning out to vote against whoever Dean supports.” 

Dean was installed as the new Democratic Party chairman Friday. 


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