TORONTO, June 23, 2003 ( – Conservative leaning Canadians had their prayers for a fair-minded, centre-right national newspaper answered in October 1998, when the National Post was launched. The remodelled Financial Post, which Conrad Black bought earlier that year, was a refreshing and intellectually written alternative to the dominant social liberal media establishment.

Pro-life and pro-family Canadians found in the National Post the fairest (that is not to say fair) coverage of issues dear to their hearts. LifeSite Daily News often quoted or referred to National Post stories. Conversely, LifeSite was made aware a number of times that some National Post writers regularly kept tabs on LifeSite and would often pick up on its story leads and produce their own news items or columns based on those leads.

Unfortunately, for the second time in two years, National Post readers are disheartened to see major changes in the paper, changes that faithful readers and Post critics alike say are clearly for the worse. As London Free Press columnist Herman Goodden noted, “The death watch seems to be on again at the National Post.”

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