OTTAWA, Mar 25 ( – The Globe and Mail reported this morning that Prime Minister Jean Chretien is set to announce today in Winnipeg that Canada is going to offer debt relief to Third World Countries but the relief will be tied to “human rights.” Canadian pro-life leaders warn that tying Third World debt relief to “human rights” could force abortion, contraception and sterilization on these countries since the provision of these “services” are considered by the Canadian liberal elite to be “basic human rights.”

Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition, told LifeSite, “When we first learned of the debt relief proposal we were fearful that it may force Third World countries to mandate abortion, artificial contraception and sterilization,” said Hughes. Noting that government appointed delegates to the UN have been pushing for recognition of abortion as a “human right,” Chretien’s proposal to make debt relief for Third World countries contingent on “human rights” could have ominous implications. 

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