Translated by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
  Original Text in Portuguese:

We, united in the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Concepción Aparecida, Brazil, from the sixth to the tenth of February, 2008, representatives from Brazil and from Europe in the First Congress in Defense of Life, promoted by the Commission in Defense of Life of the Diocese of Taubaté, with the support of the Episcopal Council of Latin America (CELAM), the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (CNBB), the Archdioceses of Aparecida and Brasilia, the National Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Aparecida, the National Pro-Life and Pro-Family Association, the Paulist Federation in Defense of Movements in Defense of Life, the National Association of Women for Life, Parliamentary Front Against the Legalization of Abortion, Human Life International, Latin American Alliance for the Family, Zenit Agency and other entities representative of civil society as well as members of the Brazilian National Congress, of Legislative Assemblies, of Municipal Town Halls, and of various pastorates, we seek to be an immediate response to what is proposed by CF-2008 in Brazil with the theme “Fraternity and the Defense of Life” and the motto, “Choose, then, Life”, having realized an intense and profound exchange of cultures and of experiences regarding life and the dignity of the human person, specialists from various sciences and respected and leading figures from the field of bioethics, we seek to raise consciousness about the innumerable and unprecedented threats and attacks against the family and the dignity of the human person, which run contrary to the Natural Law and the first guarantee of all human rights, which is the right to life.

Legislation cannot be based on a mere political consensus, but rather, principally, on a morality that is founded on a natural and objective order. Sexuality shares in the rights and dignity of the human person and inclines itself towards human happiness and holiness and to the construction of the family according to the Law of God. Also, as one of the first fruits of the Fifth Latin American and Caribbean Episcopal Conference, celebrated in this very place last May, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, emphasized the need for nations to guarantee the right to a full life, proper to children of God, with more humane conditions.

Since 1952 a global program has been conducted that is devoted to world population control, especially for the poorest countries. That program was developed initially by the Population Council created by the Rockefeller Foundation, which included the promotion of an anti-birth mentality, including the implantation of contraceptives, legal abortion, and other attacks on life, within a geopolitical and eugenicist perspective, instead of combating poverty by investing in the economic development of the poor. Having implanted this contraceptive mentality, abortion and euthanasia became part of a demographic policy integrated into a wider policy of globalization that seeks the implantation of economic monopolies.

Since the 1980s, under the strategic plan designed by the large foundations that promote abortion, population control policies have been presented deliberately camouflaged under the appearance of a false emancipation of the woman and the defense of supposed sexual and reproductive rights spread by the creation and financing of an international network of NGOs that promote feminism, liberal sex education, and homosexuality.

United Nations, since the 1980s, has been committed to birth control policies that today constitute a huge educational focus. Through its organs it has succeeded in questioning the Universal National Law and the positive rights of each nation, by means of consensus… (inaudible) in economic positions: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, among others, even creating a dominant legal system in international law by which relativism of ideas and actions, for the benefit of special interests, is consecrated in detriment to the fundamental rights of the human person, the very reason for its creation. This is how the decree of death for unborn and unproductive human persons through abortion and euthanasia become recognized as a human right.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation, which constitutes the second largest NGO in the world, after the International Red Cross, with its local affiliates in Brazil, its satellite organizations, such as the Inter-American Parliamentary Group for Population and Development and the principle provider of suction machines for early abortion, has as its objective the implantation of contraception, sterilization, abortion, employment of health professionals for the approval of these practices in all developing countries.

The government, representatives, health professionals, university professors, the media and the legal class have been pressured and influenced by the promoters of this culture of death and suicide…(inaudible), proposing a total and complete decriminalization of abortion with which it would be carried out freely and for any reason during all nine months of the gestation of the human person.

The government, whether for reasons of omission or complicity, have given in to these pressures, creating programs or population policies seeking population control.

For all of these reasons, we denounce the implantation of a culture of death that destroys the sense of life, of ethical values, and natural rights from which all human laws are derived.

We denounce the attempt to decriminalize and legalize abortion in Latin America.

We denounce the fraud in the scientific field, the manipulation of language and the government authorizations that permit the production and distribution in our countries of pharmaceuticals, poisons to kill human beings, from the first hours of life, as occurs with the morning after pill and the inter-uterine device, IUD.

We denounce the government programs to liberalize abortion in an indirect way, such as the technical standards of the Ministry of Health that authorize abortion based on the mere declaration of the interested party.

We denounce the implantation of a hedonistic sex education in the schools, disassociated from love and centralized in genitalia, promoting a gender ideology  and imposing homosexuality on children and young people.

We denounce the attempts to implant euthanasia in the country by means of resolutions of professional organizations.

We propose to maintain permanent observers in the National Congress and other legislative assemblies to create an effective means of tracking of proposals related to the authentic human rights to life and family.

To conduct legal actions to remedy the violations of human rights denounced here, without any exception.

To promote the knowledge of the social doctrine of the Church for understanding and fidelity in its practice within the perspective of the Gospel of Life.

The decisive choice for human life and for its full dignity, implementing it by means of all of the educational pastorates.

We demand the carrying-out of effective actions in defense of life by all institutions, organizations, leaders in positions of authority, the integral respect for life and human dignity, highlighting as the primary requirement the United Nations Organization for the decreeing of the Moratorium regarding the death penalty in the world, specifically of the unborn, elderly, and disabled.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Conception Aparecida, February 9th, 2008.