We, Pro-Life Leaders, Call on the Bishops of the World to Extend Mercy to the Church’s Pro-Abortion Politicians

WHEREAS Saint Paul wrote in the eleventh chapter of First Corinthians: “For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord” (1 Cor. 11:29);

WHEREAS Canon 915 of the Church’s Code of Canon Law states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion”;

WHEREAS Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote in a 2004 letter to the US bishops, called “Worthiness to receive Holy Communion”, that a Catholic politician who votes for permissive abortion and euthanasia laws “must” be denied Communion after being duly instructed and warned;

WHEREAS Catholic politicians who support abortion are already in grave sin, and in receiving Holy Communion their sin is compounded by sacrilege;

WHEREAS by being given Holy Communion such Catholic politicians may well believe that they are spiritually healthy and thus not in need of any remedy;

WHEREAS distributing Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians causes scandal to the rest of the faithful in that they come to believe that support for abortion is not too serious a sin, and thus undermines pro-life work;

WHEREAS being refused Holy Communion is an effective wake-up call to return to an authentic life of faith;

WHEREAS it is unmerciful to allow our brothers living in obstinate public sin to languish there without warning;

We the undersigned ask the Bishops of the Catholic Church to withhold Holy Communion from pro-abortion politicians as an act of love and mercy towards those same politicians.


Duarte Falcó Mas Vida Spain
Áluaro Ortega Mas Vida Spain
Silvio Dalla Valle Voglio Vivere Italy
Chris Slattery Expectant Mother Care USA
Richard Mileti Italo-Americani per la Vita USA
Preston Noell Tradition, Family, Property, Inc. USA
Roberto de Mattei Lepanto Foundation Italy
Patrick Craine Canada
Virginia Coda Nunziante Marcia per la Vita Italy
Marie Meaney Heartbeat International USA
Joseph Meaney Human Life International USA
Luis Losada CitizenGo Spain
Rebecca Kiessling   USA
Walter Hintz Spain
Dawn Eskew Personhood New York USA
Sofia Guedes Portugal Pro Vide Portugal
Thereza Carvalho Escola Profissional Val de Rio Portugal
Jean Goyard Droit de Naître France
Theresa Deisher Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute USA
Miriam Sciberras   Malta
Mark Sciberras   Malta
Julia Calinescu LifeNation Romania
Fr. Linus F. Clovis CARIFAM, Family Life International New Zealand St. Lucia
Dame Colleen Bayer Family Life International New Zealand New Zealand
Hilary White Italy
Michael Hichborn American Life League USA
Angelika de Poncharra Collectif en Marche pour la Vie France
Dr. Tom Ward National Association of Catholic Families United Kingdom
Fr. Ryszard Halwa SOS Ochrony Poczętego Życia Poland
Michael Walczyk SOS Ochrony Poczętego Życia Poland
Anna Wiejak SOS Ochrony Poczętego Życia Poland
Robert Colquhoun 40 Days for Life United Kingdom
Jean-Marc Baijot JURIVIE Belgium
Jason Jones HERO USA
Maria Madise Institute for the Culture of Life Estonia
Carlos Polo Population Research Institute USA
Nicolás de Cárdenas Spain
Jaime Hernández Crossroads Spain Spain
Pablo Santana HazteOir Spain
Antonio Brandi Notizie Pro Vita Italy
John-Henry Westen Canada
Steve Jalsevac Canada
Dan Calinescu LifeNation Romania
Katarina Mlinarević 40 Days for Life Croatia Croatia
Ignacio Barreiro Human Life International Italy
Monica Migliorino Miller Citizens for a Pro-Life Society USA
Bernadette Smyth Precious Life UK & Ireland Northern Ireland
Valdis Grinsteins Tradition, Family, Property – Poland Poland
Jakub Skolzylas Tradition, Family, Property – Poland Poland
Julio Loredo Tradition, Family, Property Italy
Bernice Follett The Life Foundation USA
Brian Follett The Life Foundation USA
Antea Cvjetkovic 40 Days for Life Croatia Croatia