Defeat Embryo Bill and Abortion Amendments say UK Parliamentarians

By Hilary White

  LONDON, July 2, 2008 ( - Abortion on demand, without even the token restriction of two doctors’ signatures, and abortions committed by nurses and midwives; these are the proposed amendments made in Parliament to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill, a piece of legislation that already allows the use of human beings for experimentation and the creation of human/animal hybrid clones.

  Britain’s All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group has issued a letter asking pro-life supporters to contact their MPs to ask them to defeat the pro-abortion amendments being proposed for the bill. They are also urging people to ask for the legislation to be defeated as a whole.

  Signed by MPs Jim Dobbin and Ann Widdecomb, and Lord David Alton, the letter said, "People have to be made to understand that the bill, which is dreadful as it stands can be made even more horrendous by amendments at the Report Stage."

  The letter also asks for support for a pro-life amendment that would require scientists to show that there are no alternatives to research requiring the creation of hybrid clones and another that would mandate that women receive information about abortion for "informed consent".

  While encouraging the pro-life amendments to lessen the bill’s damage, the letter says the bill itself is ultimately unsupportable. "We urge people to contact their MPs to vote against it and state that they will bear MPs voting records in mind at the next general election."

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