LONDON, U.K., March 14, 2014 ( – The world’s oldest pro-life organization says that pro-lifers must start standing up for real marriage as the best defense for the unborn and argues that sex-ed blinds young people to the “incredible enormity of abortion.”

We saw that the “continual undermining of marriage” and the “imposition of a new paradigm of sexuality” was “very much bound up with the threat to the unborn,” Anthony McCarthy, education and publications manager for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told LifeSiteNews in an interview.

“The unborn come to be in the womb of a woman, and they come to be in the womb of a woman because of an act of union between a man and a woman. That act of union ideally takes place within marriage.”

“To really understand what the natural habitat of that child is — where that child will survive — we have to look at that institution that is built around that child, which is marriage.”

McCarthy said that once this connection is made, defending the unborn suddenly means not only making arguments about the unborn’s humanity, personhood, and right-to-life, but defending the “natural habitat” in which a newly conceived child is most likely to survive.

SPUC realized that defending the unborn was inseparably linked to defending marriage, he says. Not only must marriage be defended, but sexual activity, by which children are created, must be defended as the sole prerogative of a married couple.

According to him, to ignore the “radical attack” on marriage and sexuality amounts to a “betrayal” of the cause of defending the unborn.

Why do people have abortions? McCarthy argued abortion is the result of a massive societal breakdown of the natural habitat in which a baby should be conceived, nurtured, and cherished. People engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage will eventually create children who, because of the instability of the relationship, are viewed as an inconvenience or a threat that must be annihilated.

“What we do know is that a baby is much more at risk [of being aborted] if it is conceived outside of its natural habitat, that is, outside of marriage,” McCarthy said.

He called it “bad news” that marriage has suffered further attack by being “legally undermined” with the recent passage of a law that allows people of the same sex to ‘marry’ one another.

McCarthy also took aim at sex education for making young people spiritually blind to the truth about abortion.

He brought up Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (d. 1957), a principal inspiration for the 1960s sexual revolution, who advocated for masturbation as the most effective means for eradicating religion from the young. Reich who was himself a sexual pervert and compulsive masturbator — who even masturbated his female patients in therapeutic sessions — realized that there was a fundamental incompatibility between masturbation and the religious life.

McCarthy pointed out that the U.K.’s current sex education by-and-large encourages kids to “act out” sexually and to experiment with masturbation as the “best form of sex.”

“The entire message is: ‘It’s all about your choice and it’s all about your pleasure.’ And that’s it,” he said.

Sex education based on Reich’s principles has influenced generations of young people to engage in immoral behaviors that pervert them, making them incapable of entering into serious rational thought or discussion. Such people become “immune” to truth,” McCarthy said.

“This is the kind of thing we are up against. If we want to reclaim the next generation, we need to tackle these kind of subjects. If you are going to win the abortion debate, you can’t ignore sex education.”

SPUC knows it faces overwhelming odds in defending the unborn in a sexually permissive society where anything goes. Despite the odds, it sees itself as a “prophetic witness” engaged in raising the consciences of people to see the “incredible enormity of abortion.”