Defunding Planned Parenthood closes four clinics in Wisconsin

All four locations offer the morning-after pill, which can induce an abortion.
Mon Feb 18, 2013 - 2:26 pm EST

Updated at 3:40 p.m. to add statement from Matt Sande.

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI, February 18, 2013 ( – Wisconsin's decision to slash funding for Planned Parenthood has resulted in four clinic closures, the organization stated today.


Planned Parenthood announced it will be closing four clinics – in Beaver Dam, Chippewa Falls, Johnson Creek, and Shawano – due to state funding cuts. All four locations offer the morning-after pill, which can induce an abortion.

“Wisconsin taxpayers who conscientiously oppose the use of public funds to directly or indirectly subsidize abortion applauded last session’s state budget bill partially defunding Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, the state’s largest abortion provider," said Matt Sande, Pro-Life Wisconsin's legislative director. "Today they welcome Planned Parenthood’s decision to close four of its state funded birth control centers, centers that refer for surgical abortion and dispense abortifacient contraceptives – often to minor children without parental notification. Pro-Life Wisconsin will continue its hard work to totally defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin of all public funds.”

The state slashed $1 million in Planned Parenthood funding from the state's budget in 2011 and deprived the abortion-provider of a $130,000 state contract later in the year.

State funds account for nearly a quarter of the organization's coffers.

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The closures are the latest sign that the pro-life movement is achieving new successes by focusing on state legislatures.

Last April, the group stopped distributing abortifacient drugs at all state locations after Governor Scott Walker signed a ban on telemed abortions. Medical abortions accounted for 25 percent of all abortions statewide. 

Planned Parenthood maintains 23 additional clinics, including three that perform surgical abortions.

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