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When those of us who defend innocent life are asked why we take such a public and unpopular stand, it has become a cliché to say we want to become “a voice for the voiceless.”


When I am asked the greatest benefit a journalist gets from working at LifeSiteNews, I may answer it is precisely to speak for those whose voices would never otherwise be heard – but I do not mean just defenseless babies.

In our mass media, next to children in the womb, the most silenced constituency in the country is the pro-life movement itself.

The “mainstream” media have perfected bias to a fine art, effectively shutting out all those who not accept hedonism, consumerism, and the cult of Self.

Those who support the clear teachings of science,  hold to the consensus of the world’s bioethicists and biologists, or accept the teachings of their faith are portrayed as ignorant, extreme, even potentially treasonous.

This prejudice is so deep that the media often describe the two sides as “pro-choice” and “anti-choice,” or “anti-women’s rights.”

Without, many pro-lifers will never be heard, much less have a forum to address the nation, and the world, in their own terms.

Take the case of Susan Pine, a West Palm Beach pro-life leader who suffered after her own abortion experience. She decided no woman should have to endure the pain she did, turning her resolution into a one-woman pro-life truth center outside a notorious Florida abortion mill.

After she gave a willing driver a piece of pro-life literature, the government hauled her into court on federal charges…without introducing any evidence to prove she violated the law. The judge wrote in his opinion the case may have been “the product of a concerted effort between the Government and the [abortionist], which began well before the date of the incident at issue, to quell Ms. Pine’s activities.”

That is, he thought the government dragged Ms. Pine into court on trumped-up charges in order to shut her up. Her lawyer told me personally that, although the mainstream media knew of this judge’s opinion, they had NOT reported it.

Only outlets like could get this story out, he said. Our work was vital – not just for your information, but to help assure justice was done.

LifeSiteNews is the one site where the pro-life movement can be assured we will accurately report their words when they tell us the plain, unvarnished truth. Help us continue this mission.

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George Orwell once wrote, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” These are times of great falsehood. But LifeSiteNews promises we will never buckle nor relent in our efforts to bring you the truth.

Why would anyone immerse himself in the Culture of Death and report on its lies? Because it is only when we are grounded in the truth that we can find answers. We pray the world’s leaders will continue to inch closer to the truth and one day codify that into law.

But the knowledge that abortion scars women for life gives expectant mothers the information they need to realize abortion is the worst decision for all parties involved.

It gives defenders of the unborn the facts they need to convince their children, their neighbors, and their circle of influence to make a choice for life.

When I see that we have eight days left in our campaign and are only a quarter of the way to our goal, I fear. I worry those who have selflessly dedicated their lives to saving others will be forced to go back into the days of rampant media prejudice and bias.

I worry that those who have become the voice for the voiceless will lose their voice. Please help assure the forces of death can never silence the pro-life movement – the movement dedicated to the truth of the unborn.

With your donation, you can defy the forces of darkness and become a revolutionary.

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Fr. Ben Johnson