PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, March 17, 2011 ( – A Delaware abortionist accused of helping a Philadelphia colleague maintain business at his gruesome clinic has denied the collaboration, blaming the apparent association on a clerical error.

According to the Delaware News Journal, Pennsylvania prosecutors at a hearing before the state medical board Tuesday evening accused Delaware abortionist Albert Dworkin of signing off on a key document that helped West Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who also worked at Atlantic Women’s Medical Services in Wilmington, Delaware. The hearing was held to determine whether to make permanent the current suspension of Dworkin’s license.

Gosnell is being held without bail on eight murder counts, one for a woman who died during a botched abortion at his clinic in November 2009, and seven more for infants who were put to death moments after being born, instead of in the womb. Prosecutors have sought the death penalty for Gosnell based on the youth of his victims.

Deputy Attorney General Barbara Gadbois said that Dworkin was medical director at the Wilmington clinic and thus was responsible for Gosnell’s practice there, and that he should have known about the conditions of Gosnell’s West Philadelphia clinic. Gadbois also pointed to a specific document with Dworkin’s signature that helped authorize Gosnell’s clinic.


Dworkin’s attorney argued that Dworkin was never medical director of Atlantic’s Wilmington clinic, and that his name appeared on an unsigned and undated form due to a clinic staffer’s error. He also denied that the letter with Dworkin’s signature was intended to authorize Gosnell’s clinic.

Gosnell’s clinic, dubbed a “house of horrors” by District Attorney Seth Williams, made national headlines after investigators in February 2010 discovered a dirty, blood-spattered facility with rusted medical equipment, where stray cats defecated freely and the dismembered remains of countless abortion victims were stuffed in random containers, including a freezer shared by employees’ lunches.

Employees have testified that Gosnell and his associates, who lacked a medical license, killed hundreds of newborn children by severing their spinal cords because Gosnell was too unskilled to administer the typical late-term abortion method of lethal injection into the womb.