WILMINGTON, Delaware, March 7, 2011 ( – Delaware officials have now suspended the medical licenses of two abortionists over their connection to the infamous “house of horrors” run by abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell faces the possibility of the death penalty for eight counts of murder, including the killing of seven newborn infants by stabbing their spinal cords with scissors, and an adult client who died following a botched abortion.

State officials have now suspended the medical licenses of Drs. Arturo Apolinario and Albert Dworkin.

The Associated Press reports that Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden requested the emergency suspension of Apolinario’s license on Friday. Dworkin’s license was revoked earlier this month.

Authorities contend that the two abortionists had an established business relationship with Gosnell, and failed to report the abortionist’s blatant illegal conduct.

Both Dworkin and Apolinario worked at Atlantic Women’s Medical Services in Wilmington. Apolinario was the clinic’s medical director.

The most recent complaint filed by the AG against Apolinario says he “failed to adequately perform his duties as medical director, permitting Dr. Gosnell to engage in illegal and unethical behavior under his supervision and, ultimately, putting patients at grave risk.”

The AG’s complaint referenced Apolinario’s role in the case of a 17-year-old girl, who had an illegal late-term abortion at 29 weeks in July 2008.

Gosnell started the abortion on the girl at the Atlantic clinic in Wilmington, then sent her to his abortion clinic in Philadelphia. After 13 hours of induced labor, the baby was born, only to be stabbed in the neck with scissors and then put in a box “where he continued to move for some time until he died.”

A similar complaint filed against Dworkin said that as the obstetrician of record for Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Services in Philadelphia, he failed to report the clinic’s “deplorable” conditions, including unlicensed employees being allowed to administer drugs, examinations, procedures, and failed to report those “murdering babies born alive at the clinic.”