Dem congresswoman attacks Trump’s call to prayer, retweets ‘F*** a National day of prayer’

Muslim U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan contends her actions were not an 'attack on prayer.'
Tue Mar 17, 2020 - 6:43 pm EST
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U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Twitter

March 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — A Democratic congresswoman retweeted a post to “F**k a National day of prayer” that Trump held Sunday to ask God for “protection and strength” during the coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, D-Michigan, retweeted the original post by anti-gun activist David Hogg that stated, “Don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic. F**k a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.”

Tlaib, who says she is “a proud Muslima,” which according to the Urban Dictionary means “a Muslim woman who is cool and knows how to socialize,” has now said that the retweet “was not to be an attack on prayer.” Tlaib said she has been praying herself through the ongoing crisis.

In 2018, Tlaib “liked” a tweet by her fellow Muslim Democrat congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, that appeared to mock Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith. Omar posted a picture of Pence with his eyes closed along with the words “Jesus takes the wheel!”

On her first day in Congress in 2019, Tlaib referred to Trump as a “motherfucker,” saying “we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherfucker.”

In his proclamation released Saturday, Trump pointed out that in times of great need “Americans have always turned to prayer to help guide us through trials and periods of uncertainty.”

The president told his fellow Americans that they “must not cease asking God for added wisdom, comfort, and strength, and we must especially pray for those who have suffered harm or who have lost loved ones.” 

Trump asked believers “to pray for the health and well-being of your fellow Americans and to remember that no problem is too big for God to handle.”

The president quoted “the holy words” of 1 Peter 5:7 in his proclamation. “Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you,” the Scripture says.

“Let us pray that all those affected by the virus will feel the presence of our Lord’s protection and love during this time. With God’s help, we will overcome this threat,” Trump was certain.

A second intention listed by Trump was “to pray for those on the front lines of the response, especially our nation’s outstanding medical professionals and public health officials who are working tirelessly to protect all of us from the coronavirus and treat patients who are infected; all of our courageous first responders, National Guard, and dedicated individuals who are working to ensure the health and safety of our communities; and our federal, state, and local leaders.”

In conclusion, Trump emphasized that through prayer, as well as acts of love, “we will rise to this challenge and emerge stronger and more united than ever before.”

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