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ATLANTA (LifeSiteNews) – A Georgia Democrat has gained national attention for strikingly candid remarks about her view of the state’s relationship with children, suggesting that “every single” one in the Peach State belongs to her as a lawmaker.

“The question that came to my mind is: Who is my child?” Democrat state Rep. Anne Allen Westbrook asked during a legislative debate on SB 233, the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act. “Every single child in Georgia. Every single one. Without exception. Not just my own. Not just the ones that I gave birth to.”

The remarks were highlighted by school choice activist Corey DeAngelis, and swiftly drew mockery and condemnation. Social media respondents argued that Westbrook was articulating a belief that the state supersedes parental authority in the upbringing of children, which conservatives have long attributed to liberals but is rarely acknowledged by elected officeholders.

“Does she even understand how creepy this is?” Virginia Republican state Del. Nick Freitas asked in response.

Despite the negative attention, Westbrook’s side ultimately prevailed on SB 233, the purpose of which was to establish “scholarship accounts to be funded by the state in the amount of $6,500.00 per school year for each participating student,” which could be used toward private school or homeschooling options.

The legislation had passed the state Senate and been endorsed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, but 16 Republicans in the state House joined Democrats to kill it, the Daily Caller reported.

The school choice movement has been gaining steam elsewhere in the country this year, most recently with a new universal school choice law in Florida amid ongoing controversy over racially divisive, sexually explicit, and politically biased content that has been uncovered in numerous public school classrooms and libraries, which critics say is about abusing educational authority to indoctrinate students into educators’ own ideology and partisan allegiances.