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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — Democratic senators recently released a letter that demanded Walgreens and six other major pharmacies, including CVS and Rite Aid, violate the laws of pro-life states and dispense dangerous abortion drugs in all 50 states. The pressure campaign comes after President Joe Biden’s administration rewrote federal regulations to allow for abortion drugs to be mailed to every state.

The letter comes at the same time as a campaign from New York and California seeks to coerce the pharmacy company to side with the abortion industry and leftist politicians.

“The letters — sent to Walgreens, Albertsons, Costco, Kroger, Walmart, CVS Health, and Rite Aid — come after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in early January it was removing burdensome requirements and allowing retail pharmacies to dispense mifepristone directly to customers for the first time ever,” a news release from Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington stated.

The letter to Walgreens stated:

At a time of great confusion about abortion access, your company has done the disservice of adding to it. Medication abortion is under threat at the federal level and in many states. We understand that Walgreens must comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including requirements on where and by whom the product can be dispensed. Many of the state attorneys general that wrote to your company last month have outright bans on access to abortion; others have restrictions that limit dispensing to a physician or require an in-person visit. As you continue with the FDA certification process and fully comply with state and federal law, it is critical that your company also provides the strongest possible access to this vital medication and communicates clearly about this

The letter is a possible sign that leftist Democrats are getting increasingly frustrated that every corporation has not quickly gotten in line with its agenda to ensure abortion is available in all 50 states despite the Supreme Court ruling in June that states had the right to ban abortion. Warren sent a similar threatening letter to Walgreens just two weeks ago.

Similar letters were sent to other corporations, although the leftist Democrats praised some of those companies for doing their will and working to flood states with the dangerous chemical abortion drugs.

For example, the CVS Health and Rite Aid letters “applauded the companies’ plan to seek certification to dispense mifepristone where able and urged them to ensure they provide the strongest possible legal access to the drug and communicate clearly about their plans to prevent confusion for customers,” according to Sen. Murray’s news release.

The pressure campaign to flood states with abortion drugs and to punish companies that do not comply in full has drawn criticism from pro-life leaders, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

“This is ghoulish,” Live Action president and founder Lila Rose reacted. “Yet another new low. The salivating over drugs that kill babies is disgusting.”

“Gavin Newsom’s attempt to bully Walgreens into providing abortion drugs in jurisdictions where it might be illegal highlights his prioritization of delivering dead children over live ones,” California Right to Life outreach director Mary Rose Short told LifeSiteNews recently.

“In California, Newsom has championed laws that force businesses to fund and facilitate abortion; now he is attempting to bludgeon a business into violating states’ laws that prohibit abortion and protect unborn children and their mothers,” Short continued.

“By now Walgreens should realize that it can never be pro-abortion enough to please today’s Democrat Party,” the pro-life leader added. “Newsom expects the pharmacy to provide abortion drugs even where it is illegal, where there is no demand for the regimen, and where there are no pharmacists willing to fill the lethal prescription.”