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Late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart has openly described tearing the limbs off living babies as part of the late-term abortion

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 13, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Late-term abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who has presided over a string of botched abortions, is the victim of a Republican “witch hunt,” Democratic congressmen wrote on Thursday.

A Republican-led Congressional investigation into selling aborted babies' body parts and other abortion industry abuses is “putting life-saving research and health care at risk,” they warned.

Five Democrats wrote a letter on Thursday calling for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to dismantle the House Select Panel on Infant Lives, saying that Dr. Carhart is one of its innocent victims.

On Tuesday, the House Select Panel on Infant Lives issued a subpoena for Dr. LeRoy Carhart to appear for a deposition on Capitol Hill on June 13.

“Republicans have not shared with Democrats any objective basis for targeting this individual,” the lawmakers wrote, adding that Carhart “has been the subject of anti-abortion violence for decades.”

The panel, chaired by Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, asked for all documents showing money Dr. Carhart received for supplying fetal tissue and organs, his practices regarding babies who are born alive during botched abortions, and all records of women who were forced to seek emergency care as a result of his shoddy abortion techniques.

Two women have died in his care since 2005: Christin Gilbert and 29-year-old kindergarten teacher Jennifer Morbelli.

So far this year, he has sent at least six patients to the hospital in five months. That follows at least eight women whom he injured badly enough to require medical attention between mid-2012 and mid-2014.

But the Democrats wrote that House Republicans show a “complete disregard for this doctor’s safety,” which is “further evidence that this dangerous witch hunt must end.”

The letter was signed by Democratic Congressmen Jan Schakowsky, Jerrold Nadler, Diana DeGette, Jackie Speier, Suzan K. DelBene, and Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Democrats, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, held a press conference to draw attention to their outrage on Friday morning.

The full text of the letter may be read here.