Democrats propose ‘Support Planned Parenthood’ license plate in Wisconsin

A former public policy director at the state Planned Parenthood chapter hopes the plates will benefit her former employer.
Tue Nov 26, 2013 - 7:02 pm EST

MADISON, WI, November 26, 2013 ( – If a Democrat has her way, the state's “Choose Life” license plates will soon have a counterpart.

State Representative Chris Taylor of Madison has introduced a bill that would have the states press plates bearing the message “Support Planned Parenthood.”


Taylor, who is former public policy director at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, said funds from the plates would go to Planned Parenthood and similar vendors.

The move comes two weeks after Republicans in the legislature voted to authorize the state to release "Choose Life" license plates, with proceeds going to a coalition of groups supporting adoption.

Taylor said she did not react to the GOP bill – she had introduced a similar bill in 2011-12 – and she added she certainly had no plan to use state funds tobenefit her former employer.

“My intent in introducing this bill is to give consumers who feel very passionately about these issues an option,” she said.

A similar scenario played itself out in Virginia, after Ken Cuccinelli championed a law to create “Choose Life” license plates. In 2010, a coalition of lawmakers demanded the state create license plates that say, "Trust women. Respect choice.”

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The proceeds go to groups supporting abortion-on-demand.

However, most state governments and the U.S. government already fund Planned Parenthood. This year taxpayers gave the nation's largest abortion provider $542.4 million, nearly half (45 percent) of its $1.2 billion budget.

The Associated Press reports Taylor's bill is likely to die in the Republican-controlled committee, chaired by pro-life Representative Keith Ripp.

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