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President Joe Biden delivers a primetime speech at Independence National Historical Park September 1, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Alex Wong / Getty Images


(LifeSiteNews) – The midterms are just days away, and the survival of America could be very much on the line.

If Democrats flip two Senate seats and keep their narrow majority in the House, they’ll finally codify their woke agenda and fulfill their vision of “fundamentally transforming America.”

Several ultra-radical Democratic bills, including on abortion, LGBT ideology, and elections, have already passed the House and have the endorsement of the Biden White House. They’ve languished in the Senate, however, due to opposition from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), and because both he and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have refused to join the rest of Democratic senators in abolishing the 60-vote Senate filibuster threshold.

But just two more votes in the Senate would let Democrats sidestep Manchin and Sinema, kill the filibuster, and pass whatever they want with a simple majority vote. Democratic Senate candidates in key races – including in Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania – have pledged to do just that.

Democrats would also be able to pass Biden’s original multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better plan and make good on threats to expand the Supreme Court after the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Other radical bills, including on gun control, immigration, vaccination, and pro-LGBT “sex education” could follow.

Make no mistake: Democrat victories on Tuesday could destroy America as we know it, allowing Democrats to legalize abortion up to birth, outlaw dissent from the LGBT agenda, institutionalize election fraud, and abolish religious freedom for millions of Americans.

Democrats’ far-left legislative agenda – including the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act, Equality Act, and For the People Act – may be even more radical than you think.

The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA)

The WHPA, endorsed by all but two Democrats in Congress, would create a virtually unlimited national “right” to have or perform an abortion up to viability, and after viability if an abortionist says that killing a woman’s unborn baby is necessary for her “health.”

Democrats claim the bill would “codify Roe v. Wade,” but it would go much farther even than Roe and ban any restriction on abortion that “impedes access to abortion services” or “implicitly” “singles out” abortion.

“Factors a court may consider,” according to the bill, include whether a law is “reasonably likely to delay or deter” at least “some patients” from getting an abortion or could “indirectly” raise the cost of abortions.

The intended effect of the Women’s Health Protection Act would be to obliterate all pro-life protections in America, including nearly 500 state and local laws passed in the last decade alone.

The WHPA specifically prohibits 11 different kinds of abortion restrictions, many of them widely popular, which include:

  • parental-consent requirements.
  • counseling and ultrasound requirements.
  • waiting periods.
  • health and safety regulations for abortion clinics.
  • admitting privilege laws.
  • requirements that only physicians perform abortions.
  • bans on telemedicine abortion.
  • bans on dismemberment abortion.
  • bans on sex-selective and eugenic abortion.
  • bans on abortion “at any point or points in time prior to fetal viability.”

The bill, of course, would nullify live-saving, near-total bans that have taken effect in more than a dozen states since the reversal of Roe. Those laws are estimated to protect tens of thousands of babies each year.

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Moreover, the Women’s Health Protection Act would likely force taxpayers to fund elective abortion by invalidating the federal Hyde Amendment, which prevents an estimated 60,000 annual abortions. 

The WHPA also poses grave threats to religious liberty. It specifically exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and would jeopardize state and federal conscience protections for health care workers, including at religiously affiliated institutions, according to the Heritage Foundation:

Because of the law’s vague references to patient “health” and its explicit instruction to courts to “liberally construe” the bill’s provisions, existing state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination based on moral or religious objections to abortion would be under threat.

“The Women’s Health Protection Act, if passed, would be the single most destructive piece of legislation enacted in the history of our nation,” pro-life activist and Live Action president Lila Rose has said.

The Equality Act

The Equality Act, backed by every congressional Democrat but Sen. Manchin, would impose the radical LGBT agenda on the entire country and force every institution in America to bow to the whims of homosexual and transgender activists.

The bill would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” federally protected statuses, alongside race and religion, and explicitly redefine “sex” to include transgender “identities.”

That means it would:

  • grant gender-confused males access to all private spaces for females, including bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, shower facilities, women’s shelters, and dorms.
  • allow biological males to compete in women’s and girls’ sports.
  • require health care professionals to perform “sex change” surgeries, including on children, and provide “gender transition” drugs, regardless of their best medical judgment.
  • force employers and schools to use “preferred pronouns” or face costly lawsuits.
  • mandate that employers, regardless of their mission, hire homosexuals or gender-confused people.

Like the WHPA, the Equality Act is an extreme threat to religious liberty and explicitly carves out the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

As Family Research Council president Tony Perkins has warned, the bill “positions the government as lord over churches and other faith-based institutions, potentially dictating how their facilities are used, who they hire, and even punishing them for not falling in step with a view of human sexuality that directly contradicts orthodox biblical teaching.”

“No person of faith or religious institution,” he said, “will escape the Orwellian reach of the Equality Act.”

Indeed, the bill applies to “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program, including a store, shopping center, online retailer or service provider, salon, bank, gas station, food bank, service or care center, shelter, travel agency, or funeral parlor, or establishment that provides health care, accounting, or legal service.”

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Never ones to miss an opportunity, Democrats even slipped pro-abortion language in the Equality Act that could codify a federal “right” to abortion. The bill’s redefinition of sex notably includes “pregnancy, childbirth, and a related medical condition,” which courts have interpreted to refer to abortion. It adds that any “treatment” for pregnancy or a related condition may not receive “less favorable treatment” than other medical conditions.

Those provisions, according to the Susan B. Anthony List, would “embed a right to abortion” in federal law and “could be used to greatly expand access to, and funding for, abortion” and neutralize pro-life laws, including the Hyde Amendment.

The For the People Act

Just as the Women’s Health Protection Act would devastate pro-life protections, the For the People Act – Democrats’ 884-page voting bill – would obliterate election integrity.

The bill, which would all but guarantee perpetual Democratic victories, bans photo ID laws and verification of mail-in ballots with witness signature or notarization requirements.

It also forces all 50 states to allow:

  • mail-in voting for any reason and without voter ID.
  • early voting, no later than 15 days before an election.
  • online voter registration.
  • same-day voter registration.
  • voter registration of 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds.
  • ballot drop boxes.
  • ballot harvesting.
  • curbside or drive-thru voting.

The For the People Act additionally requires states to:

  • automatically register all individuals from federal and state databases, including convicts and illegal aliens.
  • restore voting rights to felons, including those still on probation or parole.
  • count ballots cast in the wrong precincts.
  • count mail-in ballots that arrive up to 10 days after an election if they were postmarked by Election Day.

The radical bill would further: 

  • criminalize allegedly “misleading” or false statements about elections within two months of Election Day.
  • restrict states from removing ineligible voters, checking voter eligibility, and verifying voter rolls.
  • ban state lawmakers from drawing congressional districts and shift their authority to unelected “independent” commissions.
  • mandate the inclusion of non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, in redistricting.
  • allow the IRS to investigate political positions of nonprofits and target tax-exempt entities.
  • create a commission that could force judges to justify their rulings, undermining the independence of the judiciary.

The Build Back Better Act (BBB)

Major victories for Democrats in the midterm elections could also mean a revival of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better package.

The potentially $4.8 trillion bill, packed with spending for far-left priorities, would have overhauled child care with LGBT ideology and provided “free” pre-K for $400 billion. Other provisions included billions in tax breaks for labor unions and millionaires in blue states and a potential $100 billion overhaul of the immigration system.

The socialistic spending package could have increased the deficit by trillions of dollars, according to experts.

At the same time, it contained numerous radical attacks on life, family, and religious freedom, including federal funding for abortion. As LifeSite reported, the bill specifically targeted religious child care providers and attempted to make them bow to the LGBT agenda:

Provisions in the BBB would extend federal nondiscrimination rules to child care centers that receive funding through the bill and explicitly label them federal financial recipients. […]

For example, the BBB could prohibit funding to organizations that teach religious content, refuse to hire homosexuals, or give preference to applicants based on their faith, The New York Times reported.

Another part of the bill earmarked hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for woke, pro-LGBT projects, including $85 million in grants to medical schools “for identifying and addressing health risks associated with climate change” for “pregnant individuals,” including gender-confused women.

Yet another section set aside $15 million to create “technical assistance centers” for “older individuals who are underserved due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

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‘Reforming’ the Supreme Court 

Expanding and packing the Supreme Court would be a real possibility if Democrats keep their House majority and increase their Senate majority.

The Judiciary Act of 2021, which would add four seats to the Court and allow Democrats to retake majority control, has nearly 60 Democratic co-sponsors in the House and three in Senate. Powerful far-left activist groups close to the White House, including Demand Justice, have endorsed the bill, as has the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Vice President Kamala Harris have both described court packing as “on the table,” and the idea appears to have gained some traction since the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

The White House has voiced tepid opposition to court expansion, but Joe Biden has repeatedly reversed himself to appease Democrats’ base, including on taxpayer funding for abortion, abolishing the filibuster, and national vaccine mandates. Recent polling shows that around two-thirds of Democratic voters agree with expanding the Supreme Court to 13 justices and more than half support replacing it with a democratically-elected court.

Democrats could advance other measures to punish the Supreme Court, including the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal and Transparency Act, which passed out of the House Judiciary Committee this year in a party-line vote and would strengthen disclosure and recusal requirements for justices. Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Christopher Murphy have each introduced similar bills.

Other radical bills

But that isn’t all. If Democrats win the midterms and gut the filibuster, several other radical bills could soon become federal law, including:

  • The Respect for Marriage Act, which would codify same-sex “marriage” and devastate the religious liberty of anyone who upholds the true definition of marriage. If Senate Republicans block the bill later this year, Democrats could pass it next year depending on how many seats they win on Tuesday.
  • Democrats’ gun control bills, which include a federal “red flag” bill, a total ban on “assault weapons,” and a universal background check bill.
  • Mass amnesty bills, which passed the House with near-unanimous Democratic support last year and would put upwards of 4 million illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship.
  • The Global Respect Act, which passed the House in February, would empower the Biden administration to sanction foreigners for allegedly violating the vaguely defined “human rights” of “LGBTQI” people.
  • The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which also passed the House earlier this year, could be used to track Americans who refuse abortion-tainted vaccines.
  • The Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act, which would repeal pro-life protections that prevent federal tax dollars from funding abortions overseas. This bill, which would jeopardize countless unborn babies in foreign countries, has more than 120 Democratic co-sponsors.
  • The Transgender Bill of Rights, which is similar to the Equality Act and already has nearly 100 Democratic co-sponsors.
  • The SAD Act, co-sponsored by 19 Democratic senators, which would shut down pro-life pregnancy centers.
  • The Real Education and Access for Healthy Youth Act, co-sponsored by 14 Democratic senators, which would end federal investments in abstinence-only sexual education and mandate LGBT “inclusion” in federally-funded sex-ed programs.
  • The New Way Forward Act, which would decriminalize border crossings and make it almost impossible to detain illegal aliens.