UNITED STATES, Aug. 10 ( – The National Anxiety Centre, a watchdog organization reporting on what it sees as environmental disinformation, has condemned a recent meeting in St. Louis of the International Botanical Congress for fueling unsubstantiated concerns about the size and activities of the global human population. The criticism stems from a Daily Telegraph article (Aug. 3). According to the Telegraph, the Congress was told that, “human activity has altered 'half of the land surface of the Earth,’ which is now 'hurtling towards an extinction crisis’.” The conference was also warned that this alleged crisis also threatens human well-being. 

“Rubbish,” says the NAC, which explains that “even the United Nations reports that the earth produces enough grain to provide every person worldwide with 3,500 calories a day, every day,” adding that “when you take into consideration all foods, including meats and fish,  fruits and root crops, the world produces at least 4.3 pounds of food per person per day.”  NAC blames malnutrition on despotic governments that don’t care about their own people and accuses the Greens of advancing an agenda of depopulation by starvation.

When you consider the attack “the Greens are mounting against genetically engineered food crops, i.e., more abundant food crops that do not require more farmland because they can resist heat or insect predation and what does that say to you?” asks NAC. “It says the Greens will find any excuse they can to reduce the world’s population even if it means fighting one of science’s greatest benefits to mankind in modern times. … That kind of thinking leads to programs designed to reduce’ the human population.  And that is the Green Agenda!”