BONN, July 21 ( – The German government’s statistics office has released a report indicating that the country will lose 20 per cent (17 million) of its population over the next 50 years, if net immigration ran at 100,000. The London Telegraph notes that even if net immigration continued for the next 50 years at last year’s high rate of 202,000, the country’s population of 82 million would still fall by 15 per cent.

The paper reports that the country’s social welfare system is in jeopardy as is its current position as economic kingpin of Europe.

Human Life International notes that “The Pro-Life community has been warning the public for years that the myth of overpopulation will cause the eventual weakening of the Western powers. . . And yet, as clear as the warning signs are, the Culture of Death is so strong that the endangered countries continue to abort and contracept themselves out of existence. . . As the Western nations fall victim to their own propaganda about overpopulation, their own cultures and economies pay the price. Having spent a good part of the last century convincing people that children were optional burdens, we must devote this century to realizing that they are the most valuable, most needed resource on earth.”

See the report from HLI.