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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit on July 22, 2022.Getty Images

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — Florida “will not comply” with the Biden administration’s recently finalized rule forcing widespread recognition and accommodation of LGBT “identities” on the American education system, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis declared.

In February, President Joe Biden’s U.S. Department of Education submitted to the U.S. Office of Management & Budget its finalized Title IX rule. Late last month, the administration published the rule, which expands the federal government’s prohibition against “discrimination” to now include under its umbrella so-called “discrimination based on sex stereotypes, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.” Critics have warned it has broad ramifications for sex-specific restrooms, lockers, and athletic programs, speech and conscience rights, and more.

DeSantis, who has taken a leading role on protecting parental rights against “woke” ideology and opposing LGBT indoctrination of children throughout his tenure, responded by declaring the Sunshine State will not abide by the White House’s “attempt to rewrite Title IX” on his watch.

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According to a letter by Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. to school superintendents across the state, the governor ordered that “no educational institution should begin implementing any changes.”

The rule “maims (Title IX) beyond recognition” to “gaslight the country into believing that biological sex no longer has any meaning,” the letter states. “In doing so, it seeks to commandeer Florida’s educational institutions and force them to violate various federal and state laws, including the First Amendment and Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, as well as statutes to protect students’ privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms.”

“In Florida, we respect parents’ rights to direct their children’s education,” Diaz said. “We protect our students’ safety and privacy. And we make sure every student is given the chance to thrive on and off campus. We will keep pressing to accomplish these goals.”

In addition, Florida Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody confirmed that her office intends to challenge the new rule in court:

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The indoctrination of children with left-wing ideology on sexuality and other leftist agenda items has long been a major concern in American public schools, from libraries to athletic and restroom policy to drag events to classroom materials to even “transitioning” troubled children without parental input. The influential American Library Association, currently helmed by a self-described “Marxist lesbian,” opposes denying children access to age-inappropriate materials.

Despite evidence that “affirming” gender confusion carries serious harms for impressionable young people, including from the Biden administration’s own Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, Biden refuses to moderate his support for the LGBT movement, including reopening the military to recruits afflicted with gender dysphoria, promoting gender ideology within the military (including “diversity” and drag events on military bases), holding White House events to “affirm transgender kids,” condemning state laws against underage “transitions” as “close to sinful,” promoting underage “transitions” (potentially at taxpayer expense) as a “best practice,” and trying to force federally funded schools to let males into female athletic competitions and restrooms.