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Florida (LifeSiteNews) – Florida governor Ron DeSantis on Monday endorsed 10 “pro-parent” school board candidates running for election across the state of Florida.

DeSantis promoted the candidates, who are pursuing seats in school boards spread across seven different counties, as representative of his “education agenda,” which he sums up as “putt[ing] students first and protect[ing] parents’ rights.”

More specifically, DeSantis has judged the candidates according to ten priorities he has listed on his DeSantis Education Agenda webpage:

  1. Keep Schools Open and Reject Lockdowns
  2. Educate, Don’t Indoctrinate
  3. Ensure Parental Rights in Education and Keep Woke Gender Ideology Out of Schools
  4. Support Robust Civics Education
  5. Expand Workforce Development and Technical Education
  6. Reject the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the Curriculum
  7. Increase Teacher Pay
  8. Continue Support for School Security and Mental Health Initiatives
  9. Protect the Right of Parents to Petition School Boards and Districts for Redress of Grievances
  10. Guarantee the Right of Parents to Curriculum Transparency

DeSantis himself has shown these principles in action, with numerous robust measures to protect the integrity of children’s education throughout his governorship. 

In alignment with his first priority, he supported the mandatory re-opening of schools ahead of most of the country during the COVID-19 outbreak. To help guard against indoctrination and guarantee curriculum transparency, DeSantis has signed legislation ensuring parents can see the materials used in their children’s classroom; and he has helped enact laws protecting children from Critical Race Theory (CRT) and woke ideology, including LGBTQ discussions in grades K through 3. 

DeSantis also signed a series of laws last year designed to strengthen civics education, by ensuring students are taught, for example, about how Communism and totalitarianism conflict with American principles of freedom and democracy. They also ensure students are encouraged to strive for civic participation, and taught the “process for effectively advocating before government bodies.”

DeSantis also recently signed a bill with numerous measures to strengthen school security, including by “authoriz[ing] the Commissioner of Education to enforce, rather than just oversee, school safety and security compliance” and by “authoriz[ing] safe school officers to make arrests on charter school property.”