By Hilary White

VANCOUVER, January 13, 2006 ( – Desperate to prove the existence of the Conservative party’s “hidden agenda” of principled social conservatism, the Liberals have lashed out at a Vancouver Chinese Canadian organization, the Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association (CASJFVA).Â

Harper spoke at a fundraising dinner for the CASJFVA in March with Conservative MPs Art Hanger and John Duncan, and Richmond Conservative candidate Darrel Reid. Not included in the Liberal party media release is mention of Senator Anne Cools who was also in attendance along with Brian Rushfeldt, head of the Canada Family Action Coalition.

Labeling it a “far-right-wing association” the press release, featured on the front page of the party’s website today, condemns Conservative leader Stephen Harper for daring to associate with a group that “advocates against same-sex marriage and abortion,” the twin pillars of the Liberal party’s “Canadian values”.Â

Today’s Vancouver Sun reports that Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal Health Minister and former NDP Premier of British Columbia has chastised Harper and said he is not aware of any Liberals attending events. Dosanjh may have forgotten, however, that he himself spoke in 1999 at an anti-drug forum sponsored by the group.

K. John Cheung, head of the CASJFVA told the Vancouver Sun last July that he places homosexuality in the same class of “unnatural sexual inclinations” as necrophilia, bestiality, sado-masochism and polygamy. Ironically, the Liberal party attack on the group comes at the precise moment when the Liberal government was revealed to be considering lifting the ban on polygamy.

The CASJFVA is a Chinese-Canadian organization that, according to its website, works to “preserve social justice, to protect traditional family values, to safeguard parental rights with respect to education and upbringing of their children, to advocate and to foster constitutional rights and responsibilities of individuals both as citizens and parents.”

The timing of the attack is surprising considering the pressure Martin’s Liberals are under to address the issue of the infamous head tax for which the Chinese Canadian community in British Columbia is demanding formal apologies.

Earlier this week, following a “personal” apology by Paul Martin in a radio interview, David Emerson, MP for Vancouver-Kingsway and Martin’s Minister of Industry, said he was changing his mind on the government’s initial refusal to issue a formal public apology in Parliament for the head tax.

John Hof, head of Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia, who attends the CASJFVA annual fundraising dinner, commented to, “How many times is Paul Martin going to insult the Chinese Canadian community?”
  Hof said, “First he won’t apologize for the head tax, then they won’t give them financial redress and now he’s denying them their freedom of association under the Charter, no wonder he wants to get rid of the notwithstanding clause.”

Chinese-Canadian Christians have figured prominently in the fight to save traditional marriage and family. Marriage rallies across the country have featured large contingents of Chinese Christian groups who often wear colourful t-shirts to distinguish themselves at the mass rallies.

Liberal party media release on the CASJFVA: