BEAUPORT, Que., Aug 12 ( – A 37-year-old Quebec mother diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia underwent forced abortion and sterilization on July 29 at the Centre Hospitalier Robert-Giffard in Beauport. The woman’s psychiatrist Dr. Pierre Dorion ordered the abortion and sterilization and the Public Trustee gave his approval for the abortion and the tubal ligation on condition a court ruled in favour of the procedures. In an exclusive report, Qubec’s Le Soleil newspaper reported June 30 that Quebec Superior Court Judge Paul Vezina approved the application and the decision was uncontested.

The paper notes that “the woman was represented by a lawyer who did not really oppose the application.”  The hospital’s lawyer Pierre Gagnon dismissed any consideration of the unborn child saying that the Supreme Court has ruled out rights for the unborn. Dorion testified that the experience of giving birth and giving up the baby would worsen his patient’s mental condition. Dorion seemed to ignore the effects on his patient of his proposed forced abortion and sterilization. The baby was over 12 weeks gestational age before being aborted.

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