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(LifeSiteNews) — An 18-year-old woman who formerly identified as “transgender” has filed a lawsuit against the doctors who cut off her healthy breasts after convincing her it was the solution to her gender confusion. 

Chloe Cole, who has gained national attention for speaking out against the lies and dangers of transgender ideology since overcoming her desire to become a man, recently sued a group of medical and mental health professionals affiliated with Kaiser Permanente for medical negligence. The medical organization and a number of its doctors are accused of permanently damaging the teenager and failing to attend to her needs rather than affirm her confusion. 

The complaint was filed by the Center for American Liberty, LiMandri & Jonna LLP, and Dhillon Law group. 

“This case is about a team of doctors (I.e., the Defendants) who decided to perform a mutilating, mimicry sex change experiment on Chloe, a then thirteen-year-old vulnerable girl struggling with complex mental health co-morbidities,” it states. “[She] needed love, care, attention, and regular weekly psychotherapy, not cross sex hormones and mutilating surgery.” 

“After being exposed for hours at a time to online transgender influencers, Chloe developed the erroneous idea that she was a boy. When Chloe informed her parents that she thought she was a boy, her parents didn’t know what to do and promptly sought guidance from the Defendants. Defendants immediately affirmed Chloe in her self-diagnosed gender dysphoria. They did not question, elicit, or attempt to understand the psychological events that led her to this belief, nor did they seek to evaluate or appreciate her multi-faceted presentation of co-morbid symptoms.” 

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The complaint argues that the medical professionals failed to conduct detailed assessment and counseling with Cole, which should have consisted of “at least twelve weekly, one-hour sessions” to openly discuss informed consent and risks of so-called medical “transition.” Rather, attorneys say that the minor was deemed to know what she needed, leading her to use puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and eventually obtain a procedure to remove her healthy breasts. 

“There is no other area of medicine where doctors will surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a diseased state of pituitary gland function based simply on the patient’s wishes,” the complaint states. “Thus, they abetted her erroneous notion that she could change her sex.” 

The complaint also outlines that Kaiser Permanente has a history of “lack of availability of follow-up mental health care.” The organization’s mental health affiliates have reportedly protested on numerous occasions, and some have left the business “due to Kaiser’s unethical practice of intentionally understaffing the mental health division.” 

Beginning to take irreversible drugs as a young teenager, Cole wound up receiving a double mastectomy at age 15. Her so-called “treatment” was enabled without “proper informed consent,” which must include numerous, regular, and long-term counseling and “assessment of the complete mental health condition of the patient.” 

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Additionally, the defendants “falsely represented” the irreversible damage of hormones and surgery, telling Cole and her parents that her gender confusion “would never resolve unless she chemically/surgically transitioned, and that she represented a high-risk of suicide unless she transitioned.” As many parents of gender confused children have experienced, Cole’s parents were pressured to pursue the mutilating “treatment” with the misleading question, “Would you rather have a dead daughter, or a live son?” 

“Defendants’ coercion, concealment, misrepresentations, and manipulation are appalling and represent an egregious breach of the standard of care. This misconduct also constitutes fraud, malice, and oppression.” 

Attorneys added that the medical professionals and organization involved “were not ‘caring’ for Chloe, they were experimenting on her, and doing so all to their own great financial benefit.” 

Cole is seeking damages related to medical expenses, legal costs, “pain and suffering,” and “mental anguish” of the past and future. 

“A package of lies” 

After filing the lawsuit, the 18-year-old de-transitioner participated in a press conference outside a Kaiser medical center in California and discussed the legal battle with Laura Ingraham of Fox News.  

“Yesterday was an amazing experience and a major step forward in taking down the gender industry,” she posted on Twitter.  

“Unfortunately, you might have to go against the advice of the doctors right now to keep your kids away from this ideology,” Cole told Ingraham when asked what advice she had for parents told their child has gender dysphoria.  

She also shared that, since regretting her decision to “transition,” she has sought guidance regarding next steps for her permanently disfigured body. The specialist who referred Cole for surgery told her that the “failed transition” was simply “another part of my gender journey.” 

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“Kaiser isn’t telling the whole story to patients like Chloe,” Harmeet Dhillon, Cole’s attorney, said in the same interview. “In fact, they’re pushing this surgery on children at younger and younger ages. And to be clear, it’s both woke ideology and big business.” 

Dhillon described the organization’s actions as “a package of lies” designed to lure young people into the false reality that they can change their biological sex. 

The push to “affirm” a child’s gender confusion has proven to cause devastating effects, such as infertility. Research has also shown that minors who pursue medical intervention for their confusion continue to struggle with mental health, including suicidal ideation and attempts. 

A recent study found that those who take cross sex hormones face a greater risk of developing serious cardiac issues, including heart attacks and strokes. Last week, a United States medical group publicly condemned the role of the medical field in gender ideology. The group argued that “there are inherently unknown and unknowable long-term risks, and the consequences of removing normal, healthy organs are irreversible.” 

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