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DETROIT, MI, May 23, 2014 ( – With its high crime rate, dysfunctional government, and seemingly endless rows of burned out or vacant houses, Detroit has often been compared to a Third World country. But it also shares another characteristic of failed states around the world: a massive abortion rate.

According to numbers released by the Michigan Department of Community Health, nearly one in every three pregnancies in Detroit ends in abortion.


In all 5,693 of Detroit's 18,360 pregnancies – or 31 percent – ended in abortion in 2012, the last year for which data are available.

When you just look at women who live in Detroit, rather than abortions or births that take place in the city, the troubled city's abortion rate rises to 38 percent.

That's more than three times higher than the state abortion rate of 11 percent.

Dr. Susan Schooley, who chairs the Department of Family Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital, told The Detroit News the latest citywide statistics paint “a picture that looks more like some Third World country than someplace in the United States.”

The Daily Beast, which favors abortion-on-demand, pronounced the city's abortion rate “tragic,” before blaming it on a lack of government-funded contraception.

Dr. Jay Berman, chief of gynecology at DMC Hutzel Hospital said, “We’re also promoting long-term reversible contraception, the implants in the woman’s arm, shots and IUDs, which are very suitable for a lot of these patients. There are three, five and 10-year IUDs that are available.”

“It's a sad state when the only hope they want to give women and young girls is long term reversible contraception, making it seem as if they are not reachable, teachable and need to be controlled in the contraception/abortion fashion.,” Lynn Mills, a pro-life activist in the Detroit area, told LifeSiteNews. “I'm not saying I have the answer for this very complex urban situation, but telling women and girls they need to be fixed like dogs is degrading.

One of those statistics, a woman named Penelope Allen who had an abortion six years ago when she was 15, told The Detroit News the decision “made me sad.”

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Now with a two-year-old girl, she says her life has changed for good. “I’m doing better — I have a car, I have a job,” Allen said.

She gave the credit for her turnaround to the fact that she kept that child.

“My daughter, it was her,” she said. “She helped me get my life on track.”