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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws

(LifeSiteNews) — Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, “Police State,” compresses into two hours several years of history of increasing tyrannical behavior by intelligence and law enforcement agencies acting to criminalize and control conservatives, Christians, and basically all right-of-center citizens.

A theme that runs throughout the documentary is summed up by D’Souza when he says, “Police states are cruel. They destroy people and the families that love them, but they don’t care. It’s more important for them to shut us up if we speak out in the wrong way.”

“One signature element of the police state is that it’s a one-party state. Effective opposition is eliminated,” D’Souza said.

“A domestic intelligence service serves one master: The government that pays them. It does not serve the American people,” explained FBI whistleblower George Hill, one of several federal law enforcement whistleblowers who participated in the film.

The film chronicles the experiences of ordinary Americans who suddenly find themselves being treated as enemies of the state for nothing more than attending a protest or rally, being pro-life, or speaking at school board meeting against pornographic materials being promoted in K-12 curricula.

They find themselves caught up in a nightmarish web of law enforcement threats and very real legal troubles, often subject to indictments and convictions vastly out of proportion with whatever the state has chosen to charge them with.

Journalist Julie Kelly, who has done incredible yeoman’s work reporting on the plight of the January 6 political prisoners being held in D.C., set the stage:

Dozens of FBI armed agents with bull horns [descend upon] your home to terrorize your neighborhood as well as terrorize you, shock you out of sleep, drag you out of your house half-clothed, refuse to give you a warrant, ransack your house, take you to the FBI field office where you’re interrogated and don’t even have a chance to access an attorney.

The film recounts in depth several examples of individuals swept up into the government’s anti-conservative dragnet in recent years, including peaceful pro-life protesters Mark Houck and Bevelyn Beatty Williams accused of violating the FACE Act; peaceful January 6 protester Matthew Perna, who tragically committed suicide after being threatened with years in prison after an enhanced charge of terrorism; and famously, former President Donald Trump, who now faces four criminal indictments encompassing nearly 100 charges as the Deep State seeks to prevent him running for office in 2024.

Perhaps ironically, President Trump faced fabricated charges of Russian interference and that he was standing at the helm of a police state. D’Souza explained the exact opposite is true: “Trump is running away from the police state. He’s its main target.”

“We’re living in perilous times,” said Sherrona Bishop, founder of America’s Mom, whose home was raided by FBI agents outfitted in military gear. “This is a police state now. They have full authority. They’ve weaponized the DOJ over and over and over again. How many more times do they have to do it before you recognize you’re next on the chopping block?”


Obama ‘turned the state against Republicans and Conservatives’

Conservative radio show host Dan Bongino, a former policeman and Secret Service agent who co-produced the film, said that if he had to pinpoint the moment the United States flipped from a constitutional republic to police state, it would have to be the “Patriot Act” enacted shortly after 9/11 ostensibly to fight terrorism coming to our shores from abroad.

Bongino explained that the FBI’s mission was expanded from law enforcement to domestic intelligence. The agency had carte blanche to do whatever it wanted.

“After 9/11, all of the barriers that were constructed between counterintelligence and criminal investigation were removed,” attorney John O’Connor said.

“Under Bush, we saw these tools used against Muslims, but Obama took it to a whole new level: He turned the state against Republicans and Conservatives,” D’Souza said.

How have things evolved such that virtually every government agency is aligned against conservatives?

Agencies need to create a demand for their services, conservative investigative author Peter Schweizer explained. “One of the ways in which these government agencies are doing it is by changing their mission. They’re moving from what used to be domestic terrorism to domestic extremism. And they’re looking at extremism in a way that paints anybody who’s right of center as part of this sort of continuum [of domestic extremism].

“Inside the bowels of these inter-agency task forces they have developed watch lists, censorship lists, and target lists,” D’Souza chimed in, “and maybe even kill lists.”

“There’s no question in my mind that lists like this exist,” Schweizer responded.

At the outset of the film, D’Souza provided a litany of statements from politicians and journalists who have been critical of the increasing weaponization of government against ordinary citizens.

The “government told American citizens they couldn’t go to church on Sundays,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, referring to the COVID-19 lockdowns. “But the real scary thing is what we saw come out of the Richmond office of the FBI: If you’re a pro-life, pro-family Catholic, they define you as radical.”

“Republicans are prosecuted for crimes that Democrats are let go for,” Sen. Rand Paul said. Later on, D’Souza echoes that sentiment: “The FBI protects the crimes of the Democrats, and the Democrats protect the crimes of the FBI.”

“We don’t have the overt tanks and machinery and weaponry going down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.,” noted Kash Patel, former attorney for the National Security Council and U.S. House. “The Soviets had a more overt style Police State. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the onset of one here in America now.”

“I think people sometimes have the imagery that people are going to be goose stepping down the street wearing uniforms with swastikas,” Schweizer said. “No, it’s usually the faceless bureaucrat who’s working in the basement somewhere who is carrying out the larger purposes that have been established by powerful leaders.”

“People in China more or less know that (President) Xi is in charge,” said Dr. Darren Beattie, founder and editor of Revolver News.“The police state in America has an opaque quality to it. It’s not clear who really is in charge.”

January 6ers are in jail, violent BLM and Antifa rioters remain free

Playing devil’s advocate, Beattie asked a question on many people’s minds:

If we’re such a police state, how do you explain the rampant riots that were allowed to occur under the banner of Black Lives Matter? How do you explain the dilapidated state of utter criminality in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and all of our other cities? How is that consistent with us being a police state?

It’s very simple: The regime allows pure anarchy, zero consequences for its client populations, and the regime visits extreme tyranny on those it deems to be political enemies, namely, law abiding conservatives.

“America will be a full-fledged police state when the country itself has been turned into a prison,” D’Souza said at the close of the film. “In a free country, the government exists to serve the citizens. In a police state, the government declares war on the citizens.”

“And you won’t be able to hide,” he added. “They have their lists and you are already on one of them. You may be next.”

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators urging them to stop more online censorship laws