Diocese Release Stresses Vatican Did NOT Give Permission for Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Priest to Run for

By John-Henry Westen

JOLIETTE, QC, November 1, 2006 ( - The Diocese of Joliette has issued a press release after the mainstream media erroneously reported that the Vatican had given permission for a Catholic priest who supports abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’ to run for public office.Â

Both a Canadian Press story, published in several papers, and a CBC story claimed that the Vatican granted Fr. Raymond Gravel special permission to run for politics. Gravel is representing the Bloc Quebecois, a separatist party which is also known for its support of abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’.

The first line of the press release from the diocese states: “No ‘green light’ was given by the Vatican.” It continues, “The Bishop of Joliette did not receive any permission from Roman Authorities regarding the plans of Fr. Raymond Gravel.”Â

See the press release from the diocese:

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“Pro-Choice”, Pro-Gay Priest Given Permission from Bishop but not Vatican to Run for Politics

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