Newsmax Reports that Rev. Jerry Falwell, one of President Bush’s strongest supporters, may be losing interest in supporting Bush in the 2004 election.  Falwell’s National Liberty Journal, reports Newsmax, features an article criticizing the Republicans Party and its current chairman, Marc Racicot, for getting too cozy with gay groups.  Family Research Council’s Ken Connor recently wrote that “Mr. Racicot appears to be utterly tone deaf – or openly hostile – to the concerns of the GOP’s pro-family voters who oppose same-sex marriage, mainstreaming homosexuality in the public schools, allowing gays to serve openly in the military, adopt children, and making homosexual conduct a protected civil right with special legal privileges. We question whether Mr. Racicot has the sensibilities to lead the Bush Campaign.”

The New York Times also quoted Ken Connor as saying, “Candidate Bush said in the second debate that he felt marriage was a sacred covenant, limited to a man and a woman. That was not a huge issue in 2000. Mark it down. It will be a big, big issue in 2004.”

Free Congress Foundation head Paul Weyrich has also been reported as commenting on the meeting with Racicot, “The main message that we delivered was that you are playing with political fire if you are seen to be in any way compromising with the homosexual lobby.”

Newsmax concludes that with Fallwell’s influential National Liberty Journal joining in the fray, the political fire has just gotten hotter.

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