WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 7, 2012 ( – The provincial NDP party of Manitoba passed a recommendation at their recent convention “urging the province to allow discussion in schools of issues relating to homosexuality, abortion, and masturbation without fear of repercussion,” according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

The three-day NDP annual convention, which took place over the weekend in Winnipeg, consisted of rank and file NDP party members who examined and passed motions to indicate to party leaders what policies they should pursue.

“It’s impossible to comprehend why the Manitoba NDP party passed this recommendation,” said Maria Slykerman, president of Campaign Life Coalition Manitoba to LifeSiteNews.

“It should be of grave concern to everyone that a government party has proposed that young children be taught at school how to think about the complex issues of homosexuality, abortion, and masturbation. Even worse than this is the proposal that parents and others should not be allowed to raise their voice in protest against this.”



“There will surely be repercussions about this from all parents who sincerely care about their children’s moral formation, especially when the government starts dictating sexual morality,” she said.

LifeSiteNews left phone messages and sent emails asking the NDP party to clarify what it meant by wanting to allow discussion in schools of issues relating to homosexuality, abortion, and masturbation “without fear of repercussion,” but received no reply.

The PC party of Manitoba also refused to comment about the NDP party recommendation.

Two weeks ago, in a move that auspiciously coincides with the NDP recommendation, the Manitoba’s Teacher’s Society (MTS) voted that parents do not have the right to pull their children out of the province’s sex-ed courses, and subsequently passed a resolution to lobby the provincial government to prevent parents from “opt[ing] their children out of any portions of the Manitoba curriculum.”

“While the original intent of the resolution was that parents not be allowed to opt students out of human sexuality instruction, delegates voted to make the policy more comprehensive as an apparent show of support for the full curriculum,” stated a MTS news release.

Just last weekend the Manitoba Teachers’ Association marched for its second time in the homosexual Pride Parade through downtown Winnipeg with a rainbow colored banner bearing the MTS logo. The MTS was also an official sponsor of the event.

While educators who supported the non opt-out proposal stated, with regards to the sex-ed portion of the curriculum, that they would leave “value judgements and context [with] parents to discuss with their children,” pro-family advocates have pointed out that Manitoba’s Health Education curriculum for sex-ed is not value-neutral.

“The province’s concept of ‘sexual health’ is synonymous with the toxic fallout of the sexual revolution, which includes the promotion of the anti-marital and anti-family practices of contraception and abortion, as well as the fluid concepts of gender and sexual orientation,” said Slykerman in a recent interview with LifeSiteNews.

“These immoral teachings, if forced on all of Manitoba’s children, will have serious repercussion for their physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.”

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