DETROIT, February 21, 2013, ( – Robert Alexander, the abortionist whose unsanitary Muskegon clinic was shut down as a threat to public health in December, is now working at a public STD clinic in Detroit, reports Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, who has been following his case.

Alexander seemingly went into hiding after local TV station Target 8 began investigating possible corruption on the state Medical Board. Alexander, whose legal troubles stretch back decades, is at the center of that controversy, as then-Board chairman George Shade, who is Alexander’s former mentor, is believed to have blocked investigations into alleged botched abortions and other violations of the law by Alexander going back to at least 2006.

After the story broke in the local media, Alexander left his new job at a Detroit abortion facility and stopped answering his phone. Knocks at the door of his Plainwell home also went unanswered.


Now, despite Alexander’s record of botched procedures and drug violations, the city of Detroit has hired him to treat its STD patients. He is working at the Herman Kiefer Health Clinic at 1151 Taylor Street in Detroit.

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Perhaps due to the new position, Alexander has also applied for a controlled substance license. That application is still waiting for approval.

In 1990, Alexander lost his medical license and served time in federal prison for selling illegal prescriptions for controlled substances out of a weight loss clinic.

An attempt by to reach the clinic was unsuccessful.


Herman Kiefer Health Clinic

1151 Taylor St.

Detroit, MI 48202

(313) 876-4826