Disgraced Michigan abortionist still on Detroit government payroll: Report

The clinic receives its funding from the city, the state of Michigan, and according to at least one report, the federal government.
Thu Aug 22, 2013 - 3:59 pm EST

DETROIT, MI, August 22, 2013 ( – Robert Alexander, the Michigan abortionist who went into virtual hiding after his filthy Muskegon clinic was shut down as a threat to public health last year, is still making his living courtesy of state and city taxpayers, according to a report by local blogger Gena Rinckey.

Working undercover, Rinckey was able to confirm with clinic staff late last week that Alexander is still working at Detroit’s Herman Keifer Health Clinic treating STD patients.

The clinic receives its funding from the city, the state of Michigan, and according to at least one report, the federal government.


Previously, state officials had told Rinckey they had no idea where Alexander was and could not confirm whether he still worked at the clinic.

Alexander first started working at the clinic in February after becoming the target of a local news investigation into possible corruption on the state Medical Board on the part of former chairman George Shade. Shade, who took Alexander under his wing after he lost his medical license and served time in federal prison for selling illegal prescriptions for narcotics back in 1990, is believed to have blocked investigations into alleged botched abortions and other violations of the law by Alexander going back to at least 2006. The investigation prompted Alexander to quit his job at a Detroit-area abortion clinic and stop answering calls and e-mails.

In February, Michigan pro-life activist Monica Miller uncovered his whereabouts, telling that he had been hired by the city of Detroit to treat STD patients at the Herman Keifer Clinic. But previous attempts by local news media to confirm his location were unsuccessful. The clinic did not return calls from at that time.

In June, a representative from State Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Rick Jones’s office told Rinckey, “The media has been there [the Herman Kiefer Health Clinic in Detroit], and they said that he is not working there anymore. So, one of the issues right now is that nobody seems to know where this guy is.”

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Rinckey was troubled. “Why did the State of Michigan fail to look into his status? “ she wrote on her blog. “Dr. Alexander still has a full medical license, so where is he? This guy needs to be watched because he is, by most accounts, one bad dude.”

Rinckey and local pro-life activist Lynn Mills made some undercover phone calls. Clinic employees gave them a very different story than they gave local media.

“I called [the Detroit Department of Public Health and Wellness Promotion] and told the person on the other line that I was looking for Dr. Robert Alexander and wondered if he was still working for the Department,” Rinckey wrote. “She informed me that yes, indeed he does still work for the Department. She told me that Dr. Alexander works for the Herman Kiefer Clinic, and she gave me the phone number… [When calling the clinic,] I told [an employee named Deidre] that I was looking for Dr. Robert Alexander, and she confirmed for me that he was still seeing patients at the clinic. She also confirmed that he works with Sexually Transmitted Disease patients.”

Rinckey says she thinks her status as a relatively unknown blogger helped her to get past the clinic’s publicity firewall.

“Let’s say a reporter enters a medical facility with a television camera looking for a staff member,” Rinckey wrote. “I doubt they will get the information they are seeking. Citizen journalists may be sneaky at times, but we break no laws and we fly under the radar very well.”

“Dr. Alexander was right under our noses all this time,” Rinckey added.

Rinckey has actively tried to have Alexander’s medical license revoked in light of his checkered past, which – according to a sworn affidavit by Monica Miller, who closely monitored Alexander for years – includes botched abortions, unsafe practices, stealing from patients, violations of Michigan’s informed consent laws, and possible drug abuse, in addition to the drug violations and unsafe facility operations the state actually acted on.

The blogger maintains a “Dr. Alexander Wall of Shame” featuring legislators she says aren’t doing enough to stop dangerous criminals like Alexander from practicing shoddy medicine on unsuspecting patients.

Senator Jones, who told her he didn’t know where Alexander was and that he lacked the legal power to remove his license, is on that list.

Rinckey notified Senator Jones’s office of Alexander’s whereabouts in an e-mail late last week. The Senator’s office responded Friday, saying reforms are needed before action can be taken, but that passing such reforms is a “top priority” for the senator and the committee he chairs.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee is currently working on legislation to ensure that the Board of medicine revokes licenses from bad actors in the medical profession in Michigan,” spokesman Jason Wadaga wrote in a statement. “We are also crafting legislation to end any conflicts of interest between the board and doctors in this state. These bills have become top priority for us and we will be addressing them this fall.”

Rinckey said she looks forward to it. “I hope to be present in the room the day Dr. Alexander’s license is officially terminated,” she said.

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