DEARBORN, Mich, Sept 10 ( – A 28-year-old man, who said his daughter was aborted by his former partner (reports have not clarified whether it was a wife or girlfriend), entered a hospital in Dearborn yesterday threatening to kill abortionists. While police did not identify the man, they did note that he said he came to avenge the murder of his daughter. The man was tackled by security guards and arrested without firing any shots. 

The pro-life movement has always condemned violence against abortionists as well as the killing of unborn children. Moreover, pro-lifers have warned that abortion hurts not only the baby, but also the parents of the child, who can often be subject to grief, anger and mental and emotional instability as a result of the killing. Similar acts of violence and threats towards abortionists have been attributed to fathers whose girlfriends have aborted their babies (cf. link to Interim story below). 

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