ORLANDO, Florida, Oct 16 (LSN) – The Conservative News Service (CNS) reported Wednesday on a book by investigative journalists which alleges that Disney World “has allowed known child molesters to gain employment at the resort without being subjected to a $15 criminal background check.” The authors, Peter and Rochelle Schweizer, say in their book, “Disney – The Mouse Betrayed – Greed, Corruption, and Children at Risk,” that Disney finds the cost of running criminal checks on employees prohibitive. However, others suggest that the real reason behind the unwillingness to check out their employees is the fear of the results. They provide numerous examples of known pedophiles working at the theme park.  Michael Gibbons, a former Orlando assistant district attorney, said “If Disney were honest and did criminal background checks, we would be shocked and appalled at who’s working at their parks and what they have been convicted of.” Rene Bray, who founded a group called Kids in Danger of Sexploitation,  (KIDS), after her daughter was molested by a former Disney employee, agrees and calls Disney’s cost explanation “just an excuse.” CNS quotes an unnamed source close to the story as saying that “The story caused a huge blow-up and ABC has asked for resignations.”  Disney has denied the allegations saying that it has tested some employees, particularly those who deal with money or baby-sit children.