Disneyland to host first-ever official gay ‘pride’ event

Disneyland says the event will be 'loud, proud and alive with all the colours of the rainbow'
Tue Feb 5, 2019 - 4:38 pm EST
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'Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris'

PARIS February 5, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – “Magical Pride” will be Disney’s first-ever official pro-homosexual “pride” event and will take place in June in Paris, France. 

“Live your best life and shine with the joy of diversity at Magical Pride, a dazzling party lighting up Disneyland Paris on 1st June 2019,” Paris’ Disney Land states on its website about the event. 

“Dress like a dream, feel fabulous and experience Walt Disney Studios Park like never before - loud, proud and alive with all the colours of the rainbow,” it adds. 

According to a company website, to kick off Gay Pride Month the Disney Studios Park in Paris “will be privatised for a special Pride party” and will include a dance party, light-night access to the amusement park and a parade. 

According to NBC, a Disney spokesperson said: “Diversity and equality are strong values at Disneyland Paris, and each year, we host millions of visitors regardless of their origins, gender or sexual orientation.” The spokesperson added, “We are committed to fostering a welcoming environment for all of our Guests where magic is for everyone.” 

While Disney has cooperated with LGBTQ groups who have staged events at various Disney parks in the past, this is the first time that a pro-homosexual “pride” event will be officially organized by the entertainment giant. Unofficial Magic Pride events, however, have been taking place at the Paris location since 2014, according to CBS.

Disney amusement facilities have otherwise welcomed LGBTQ customers for years, having opened up Cinderella’s Castle to same-sex “weddings” in 2007 and seen Gay Days, as well. At Disney World in Florida, for instance, the unofficial 29th Annual Gay Days will kick-off on August 13. The Wyndham hotel chain is offering lodging to those participating. The iconic original Disneyland in California held its Gay Days in October when visitors wore red shirts to signal their support for the LGBTQ cause.

Even while Disney has welcomed Gay Days and rainbow-hued Mickey Mouse ears, LGBTQ activists have not been satisfied. Mashable reported that despite having a large pro-homosexual fanbase, Disney has lagged in having “queer representation” in its films. 

Disney’s films, however, have been criticized by pro-family advocates for pushing the normalization of homosexuality in its so-called “family” entertainment. 

  • The Disney cartoon Doc McStuffins featured a family headed by two lesbian "moms" in its 2017 show about an aspiring doctor. It's marketed to preschoolers.
  • Disney’s 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast featured a homosexual subplot where one of the film’s characters was refashioned to be homosexual.
  • Disney Channel introduced in 2017 a homosexual teen character in “Andi Mack.” The show was aimed principally at a preadolescent television audience.
  • Last year the writer and co-director of Disney’s popular “Frozen” animated film gave what the Huffington Post called a “glimmer of hope” regarding main character Elsa coming out of the closet as a lesbian.
  • Disney’s upcoming film Jungle Cruise will feature for the first time an openly homosexual character. 

The entertainment giant also has a history of promoting homosexuality through its parks and merchandise.

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