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Screenshot from the trailer of Disney's new film 'The Naughty Nine'Disney Channel / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — With the release of its latest original movie, Disney is once again promoting the LGBT agenda, this time in the form of a Christmas film geared towards kids.  

“The Naughty Nine” was released on November 22 on the Disney Channel and follows nine kids who, after finding themselves on Santa’s naughty list one holiday, set out to the North Pole to take back the presents they weren’t given on Christmas morning.  

The movie takes inspiration from the decades-old classic “Ocean’s Eleven,” the 2001 remake of which was wildly popular with an all-star cast that portrayed a group of conmen who use their respective skills to perform an intricate heist at several casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

“The Naughty Nine,” however, expands the storyline to include references to homosexuality between both grown men and underage boys. According to a review by The Federalist features editor Eleanor Bartow, the female protagonist is part of a family with five children who are raised by two “dads,” with no mother figure. This is first insinuated barely more than 10 minutes into the film, when the family is opening gifts on Christmas morning.  

Shortly after, a boy named Jon is selling clothes he designed refers to another male as a “hottie.” Later, the same character describes the lead male protagonist as “cute.” While the age of Jon is unclear, Bartow pointed out that he “is using sexually charged language with a fifth-grader.” 

She added that she “know[s] real fifth-graders who still believe in Santa,” emphasizing the beauty of that “innocence” and the mistake of “movie-makers who want to take it and sexualize them.” 

“The Naughty Nine” is rated TV-PG and has received an audience score of 70 percent on the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes. It was first released on the Disney Channel but could also be watched on Disney+ starting on Thanksgiving Day, November 23.  

Though the most recent example of Disney’s spiraling efforts to appease the woke liberal culture, the pro-LGBT Christmas movie is far from the company’s first attempt to do so. Disney began caving to left-wing agendas nearly a decade ago, with the release of “Lightyear” in 2022 – a film which broke new ground in the promotion of homosexuality by introducing a same sex kiss – predating a major plummet in the company’s stock.  

“Lightyear,” which served as an origin story for the character Buzz Lightyear in the wildly popular Disney “Toy Story” franchise, was the first of many familiar storylines that introduced explicit LGBT content. In the months that followed its released, Disney added woke themes such as same sex couples and so-called “queer” identities to extremely popular sequels to box office hits like “Thor.”  

Similarly, TV shows geared towards children were no exception to the liberal content. A new allegedly kid-friendly Marvel series released last year even hired a drag queen to play a character in the show centering around a teenage superhero. The company ventured into newly concerning territory by producing a TV series called “Little Demon,” which stirred up controversy for “normalizing paganism” and upholding Satan and the Antichrist.  

In February 2023, Disney was disciplined for failing to adhere to Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ guidelines protecting children from radical gender ideology. Despite continuous backlash, loss in profits and criticism from governing bodies, Disney has maintained its course in line with the highly sexualized culture including recent releases about a teenage girl who is impregnated by Satan and a remake of the classic “Snow White” with an emphasis on feminism.  


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