OTTAWA, May 22, 2008, ( – In the midst of a police led investigation into alleged corrupt practices by a Canadian Human Rights Commission worker, the Conservative Government has yet to show signs of distaste for the increasingly criticized commission.  Several Conservative MPs however, refuse to accept an HRC that undermines the principles of democracy.

This week James Rajotte, a Conservative MP from Edmonton Southwest, wrote a letter to a constituent regarding the CHRC.  He said the “. . .human rights commissions operating at various levels of society are in need of major reform.” 

Rajotte also extended his support for Liberal MP Keith Martin’s motion to strike down Human Rights Act subsection 13(1), which has been criticized for hindering a person’s freedom of expression: “A motion recently put forth in the House of Commons by MP Keith Martin, M-446, will be an important first step in making the needed changes to human rights law in Canada…” He also added, “Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental freedoms in Canada, and it should not be eroded by special interests or legalistic wrangling.”

The Conservative MP is far from alone in addressing the increasingly questioned conduct of the CHRC.

Jason Kenney, the Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity, and the Conservative MP for Calgary Southeast, has previously warned against the threat the CHRC poses on Canadian’s freedom of expression.  See: (

Additionally, Simcoe-North Conservative MP Bruce Stanton recently called the Human Rights cases against Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn “scurrilous cases.” 

Likewise, the office of South Surrey, White Rock and Cloverdale Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, replied to a constituent on the matter by saying they agreed with his criticism of the Human Rights Commission but could not comment any further.  See:

Nina Grewal, a Conservative MP from Fleetwood-Port Kells, B.C, released the following statements in February, invoking the Conservatives to stand up to the commission: “I feel it may be appropriate at this time for the Minister of Justice to undertake a broad review of the Canadian Human Rights.”    See: (

Many critics of the CHRC are wondering when the Conservative Government will stop ignoring the injustices served by the CRHC, while their own MPs lobby against laws they defend.

The following is a list of CHRC rulings and current hearings:

Ezra Levant
  Prominent Canadian Publisher Denounces Human Rights Commissions at HRC Hearing

Father Alphonse De Valk
  Catholic Insight Responds to Human Rights Complaint by Homosexual Activist

Christian Horizons
  Christian Ministry to Disabled Drops its Code of Conduct Under Human Rights Tribunal Pressure

Mark Steyn
  Mark Steyn Case Wakes Up Canadian Press to Human Rights Tribunals’ Threat to Free Speech

  Canadian Human Rights Commission Employees Admit to Misconduct

Scott Brockie
  Scott Brockie Loses Decision at Court of Appeals, On the Hook for $40,000

Bishop Fred Henry
  Human Rights Complaint Filed Against Catholic Bishop for Defence of Traditional Marriage

Chris Kempling
  Teacher Chris Kempling Appeals to Canada’s Supreme Court

Bed and Breakfast – Homosexual couple
  Christian Couple Forced to Shut Down B&B for Refusing Homosexual Couple

Knights of Columbus Hall
  Knights of Columbus Forced to Pay Damages to Lesbians for Refusing to Rent Hall for “Wedding” Reception

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