CHARLOTTE, September 5, 2012, ( – Abortion was the dominant theme of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, and in keeping with the theme Planned Parenthood held a sparsely attended rally of its own featuring Sandra Fluke and women dressed like vaginas. 

The rally was opened by “Pillamina,” a woman dressed as a giant box of birth control pills, who has stalked Mitt Romney at campaign appearances in recent months. “We’re all here because our awesome president made me available at no co-pay,” she said, hyping the HHS mandate in President Obama’s health care reform.

The crowd of a few hundred were addressed by Sandra Fluke, Newark mayor Cory Booker, Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore, and actresses Aisha Tyler and Lisa Edelstein.


“We have to stand with” Obama, Fluke said. “No sleep until November!”

Between speeches organizers handed out condoms that said, “Protect yourself from Romney & Ryan this year.” The condoms also said, “Proper attire required for entry.”

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Organizers’ t-shirts were emblazoned with the slogan of the rally, “2012: Yes We Plan.” The zero in “2012” was also stylized to look like a pack of contraceptives. Meanwhile, women dressed as vaginas hooted outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame, where the event took place.

Dan Savage’s newspaper The Stranger reported, “Planned Parenthood organizers seemed a bit disappointed by the turnout to their rally, which was blockaded by an Occupy Wall Street standoff with the police down the street.” 

Ironically, Occupy Wall Street had interrupted pro-life meetings throughout the year on behalf of the pro-abortion movement.


Occupy protesters interrupted the first-ever official March for Life Youth Rally in January with loud chants. A few days later, OWS members threw condoms at Catholic schoolgirls at the annual pro-life rally at the Rhode Island state house, according to Rhode Island State Right to Life Executive Director Barth Bracy.

Still, with its crowd of a few hundred, the Planned Parenthood event outpaced a religious meeting held by Catholics for Choice.

According to Katarina Trinko of National Review, only six people attended.

“There are just under 300 active U.S. bishops,” said Sara Hutchinson of Catholics for Choice, “and neither they, nor their lobbying arm, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, really speak for the 68 million U.S. Catholics who share the belief that the use of contraception and the decision to end a pregnancy can be moral decisions and rightly should be made by individuals in accordance with their own conscience.”