Dobson Urges Parents to “Rise Up” Against Homosexualization of Children in Schools

by Hilary White

SACRAMENTO, April 21, 2006 ( – Dr. James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family said in his weekly radio broadcast that the California legislature is devoted to a “far, far leftist” ideology. On April 17, Dobson stated, “Some of the bills that come out of (the California) legislature are flat-out off the wall.”

The legislature, Dobson said, is controlled “by those who represent a far leftist philosophy, and the conservatives, mostly Republicans, don’t have the votes to stop it.”

The most recent example he noted was characteristic of the movement to the “extreme” left was the State Senate Judiciary Committee’s approval of a bill mandating the adoption of the homosexual lobby’s doctrines for young children in school curricula.

The bill requires that California public schools teach students in all grades about the “contributions” that homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals have made to society. Further the bill requires that schools buy textbooks that highlight these positive contributions. The bill is currently at the committee stage.

In every subject throughout the day, the bill mandates that the homosexual subjects be brought up. Children as young as six and seven will be told that homosexuality, and other alternative sexual “lifestyles” are not only acceptable, but a genuine social demographic with a definable set of heroes.

This move reflects the efforts made by the homosexual movement to identify their sexual habits and temptations as those of another unjustly oppressed minority group and their movement as a legitimate part of the historic civil rights movement. Indeed, the term “sexual minorities” can be found increasingly in official documentation in government at all levels for all curricula.

Dobson states, “In every subject, throughout the day, (the teachers) are going to have to come around to that subject and talk about (the homosexual lifestyle) in positive terms…There are all kinds of moral implications…and yet, we’ve got to tell five year-olds, and six year-olds and seven year-olds that this is a wonderful, positive thing that’s had a great impact on the culture.”

“If it moves on through the Assembly and the Senate, it is going to happen in every public school and in every subject, throughout the State of California. If the parents of children in California put up with that, then they’re farther gone than I think they are.”

The reason the laws of California are moving so far to the left, said Dobson, was that parents are not objecting. “Parents are not rising up to stop it. The Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, should be besieged with by complaints and opposition to this ridiculous idea and so should every member of the state legislature.”

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