Pro-Life Picketers Picket Outside Doctors Office Turned Abortuary

SCARBOROUGH, ON, October 19, 2001 ( – Show the Truth, a pro-life picket using large signs depicting photos of aborted babies, picketed outside the Scarborough office of Dr. Katherine Chu, a doctor who turns her regular practice with pregnant women into an abortuary two days a week. Rosemary Connell, Show the Truth coordinator, learned from the secretary in Dr. Chu’s office that abortions were performed in the doctor’s office at 1371 Neilson, Suite 200, Fridays and Monday evenings.

Thinking Connell was a prospective client, the secretary pitched the abortion service saying, “it just takes a minute of their time and then they’re out of here.” According to the secretary there is a $130 fee for medications, not covered by health insurance. The secretary actually encouraged later abortions, discouraging an abortion before 6 weeks and saying it was best between six and nineteen weeks.

Connell told LifeSite that doctors often do not disclose to their patients that they perform abortions. She encouraged pro-lifers to ask their doctors if they are pro-life. “Do you really want a doctor caring for you who will be killing babies tomorrow?,” she asked. Connell wondered how many other doctors had set up in-office abortion practices across Canada.