GRANITE CITY, May 6, 2003 ( – Doctor Yogendra Shah, an abortionist who while operating a private abortuary was at one time chief of OB/GYN at a Catholic hospital, is facing removal of his medical license after being accused of performing an abortion on a woman who was found not to have been pregnant.  The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation filed a complaint accusing Shah of performing the procedure without testing to determine if the woman was pregnant.  Test results after the procedure indicated she was not pregnant prior to the procedure.  Shah was the object of an ongoing protest by Catholic pro-lifers in Granite City Illinois where he operated an abortuary across the street from a Catholic Hospital in which he was also employed.  Shah had owned and operated the abortuary some 20 years while simultaneously working for the St. Elizabeth Medical Center.  After the issue of Shah’s double practice reached the media the Catholic hospital was forced to remove him from his chief of ob/gyn position.  A hearing on the case is scheduled for June.  See LifeSite coverage of the St. Elizabeth – Shah controversy:   See the AP coverage of Shah’s upcoming hearing: