NEW ORLEANS, October 13, 2005 ( – A September 12 story related the first hand account of an anonymous doctor who, anxious that help would not arrive in time for several critically ill patients at New Orleans Memorial Medical Center, decided to euthanize them instead. Another doctor has come forward to corroborate the admission.

Dr. Bryant King was also at Memorial during and after the hurricane. He told CNN news that, despite not actually witnessing the acts of euthanasia, “most people know something happened that shouldn’t have happened.”

Prior to the hurricane, 11 people had died and been brought to the hospital’s morgue. After the flood, 45 bodies were recovered; Louisiana’s attorney general is investigating allegations that many of those people were victims of euthanasia and has ordered autopsies. Frank Minyard, Orleans Parish coroner, said investigators suspect euthanasia was committed.

King is convinced euthanasia did indeed occur. “There was only one patient that died overnight,” he said. “The previous day, there were only two. From Thursday to Friday, for there to be 10 times that many, just doesn’t make sense to me.”

King related that on the Thursday morning after the hurricane, a hospital administrator and another doctor approached him to discuss putting patients out of their misery. Later, the area was cleared of everyone except the hospital administrator, patients, and two doctors – one of whom had said they would be willing to euthanize patients. The administrator asked if anyone would like to join in a prayer, King said. One of the doctors then brought out a handful of syringes.

“I don’t know what’s in the syringes. … The only thing I heard the physician say was, ‘I’m going to give you something to make you feel better,’” King stated. “I don’t know what the physician was going to give them, but we hadn’t been given medications like that, to make people feel better, or any sort of palliative care,” King said. “We hadn’t been doing that up to this point.”

King then boarded a boat and left the hospital, saying he would rather be remembered as someone who abandoned patients rather than someone who actively killed them.

CNN contacted the hospital administrator King referred to, who said, “I don’t recall being in a room with patients or saying a prayer,” adding that King must be lying.