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(LifeSiteNews) –– The lawyer for Ontario-based Dr. Mark Trozzi remains confident that despite having a “biased” adjudicator, he will be able to “prove” that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has been proceeding against his client “without having the law or COVID-19 science on its side.”   

Trozzi’s trial is now on pause until July 11 and 12, which is when, as Trozzi stated in an email to followers, “we will have two of the most qualified scientists in the world: Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Peter McCullough deliver true science about COVID in spades.”  

The final legal arguments will be taking place on July 17 and 18. After this, a judgement will be rendered. 

In November of 2021, the CPSO initiated legal action against Trozzi and three other doctors, Mary O’Connor, Rochangé Kilian, and Celeste Jean Thirlwell. The legal action was taken as a result of the doctors’ unwillingness to go along with a request to give over confidential patient information pursuant to an “investigation” by the College. The purpose of the investigation was to look into why the four doctors were giving out COVID-19 vaccine medical exemptions to their patients.

Last year, the CPSO also mandated that Trozzi and Drs. Patrick Phillips and Crystal Luchkiw appear in front of a tribunal to address their outspokenness against COVID jabs and mandates. 

As for Trozzi’s ongoing case, he is now before the CPSO for a seven-day tribunal hearing, which he says is part of the CPSO’s efforts to “try and take away” his medical license because he took a stand against the COVID narrative and “the global agenda being carried out [by] the WHO, a conduit of criminal control that’s rolled out through govt’s regulatory bodies and has committed… medical atrocities.” 

Shortly after the start of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic, Trozzi became a very vocal critic of the mainstream narrative surrounding the virus. He was suspended for giving out COVID jab exemptions by the CPSO shortly after mandates took effect.  

In response to the suspension, Trozzi at that time defended his conduct by citing his duty to the “Hippocratic Oath,” and added that while he had been sanctioned, he “remained an intact, intelligent human being with a heart, and no matter how much money I could have made to kill off the citizens of Ontario, I wouldn’t do it.”

Seemingly undeterred by the CPSO’s sanctions, Trozzi later noted that his research showed that there was a vastly higher number of people who died “within a few months” of having taken the experimental COVID shot than compared to other vaccines. 

He also showed concern for the alarming rate of miscarriages that took place during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials, saying that the novel injections make “thalidomide look like a Flintstone vitamin.” 

At the end of 2020, Trozzi walked away from his highly successful career, sold his family home, and committed himself completely to alerting the public to the falsehoods concerning COVID.  

LifeSiteNews is currently working with Trozzi to bring a more in-depth report about his trial, as well as what he will do come the verdict.

Trozzi’s lawyer says they had ‘very strong opening submissions’ which were ‘well received’ 

A recent legal update posted on Justice For Medicine notes that the CPSO had “put on three expert witnesses to support its claim that Dr. Trozzi committed acts of professional misconduct and failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession.” 

“The College’s first witness, Dr. Orkin, attacked Dr. Trozzi based on the allegation that he wrote exemptions for COVID-19 injections without having adequate patient information. During a short cross-examination, Dr. Orkin admitted that he did not provide an opinion on whether the College had the right to regulate medical exemptions,” noted the update. 

“This advanced our position, which is that the College’s prohibition on writing medical exemptions for COVID-19 injections is merely a recommendation that does not have the force of law; as such, it cannot be used as the basis for a prosecution.” 

Trozzi is being represented by his lawyer Michael Alexander. 

In the legal update, Alexander noted that the “admissions made by the College’s experts during these cross-examinations will greatly assist us in making our final legal arguments, where we will prove that the College has been proceeding against Dr. Trozzi without having the law or COVID-19 science on its side.” 

Alexander, in another interview with former Conservative MP Derek Sloan, noted that “We had very strong opening submissions, which were very well received. I don’t recall it really rebutted or even attempted to rebut the main points that that I made about the law.” 

“Unfortunately, I have to say that the adjudicator of the tribunal has been biased in favor of the College throughout this proceeding. It’s very disappointing. But I’ve noted all of these things in the record and my disagreements with the adjudicators rulings. So I’m laying the foundation here now for an appeal into the court system, should we not be successful,” he stated.  

Trozzi stands firm behind his opposition to COVID shots   

In another recent interview with former federal Conservative MP Derek Sloan last week, Trozzi noted how he was “sad” that the CPSO, in going after him, seems to be aligning itself fully with the interests of Big Pharma.  

“Well, I think I choose to be sad rather than angry. You know, I’m not alone, there’s thousands of doctors around the world who have not gone along with the corporate agenda,” Trozzi told Sloan, explaining that he does experience “sadness” seeing the CPSO’s “very deep commitment” to the agenda of the World Health Organization, Pfizer, Bill Gates and other influential actors.

Trozzi also told Sloan that early on, his own research into the COVID jabs showed they were not like traditional vaccines, but rather like a kind of “genetic conjunction of some sort.” 

“So, the fact that I read the ingredients and then followed all the rules from the Nuremberg Code to the Hippocratic Oath and told people, ‘hey, that’s not a vaccine.’ That was the first thing I ever published… this is not a vaccine. Right? So, it makes me very sad,” said Trozzi. 

“Our governments, our institutions, etc… appear to be completely hijacked and acting against the best interests of all the people in this country. How many people in this country have been injected with something criminal, in my opinion? And [who] would have never taken it if someone would have just told them what was in it, and that [it’s] not a vaccine.”

As extensively reported by LifeSiteNews, Ontario doctors who spoken out against the mainstream COVID narrative particularly those who have talked about the experimental COVID shots and the reported injuries associated with them  have faced harsh and sometimes career-ending sanctions by the CPSO. 

Trozzi, along with other pro-medical freedom doctors, will be in attendance at LifeSiteNews’ 25th Anniversary Canadian Gala on July 18, in Markham, Ontario.