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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — The infamous WHO Pandemic Treaty being pushed by left-wing globalists includes provisions for “gain of function” data sharing between nations, a move that would make it impossible to trace the source of future biolab leaks, should any occur, warns a medical doctor writing under the pen name “A Midwestern Doctor.”  

In an article titled, How We Can Stop The WHO’s Horrific Pandemic Treaty, the Midwestern Doctor enumerates many of the significant political and medical dangers of the agreement. The treaty is presently facing intense international scrutiny and backlash on account of the increasingly clear evidence that it is proving to be little more than a long leftist wish-list and a globalist power grab. 

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Sharing ‘gain of function’ data will cloak source of future biolab leaks 

Drawing attention to the numerous provisions promoting “gain of function” (GoF), a practice that is illegal in the U.S. due to the inherent danger involved, the Midwestern Doctor writes, “The pandemic treaty contains multiple provisions for the signatory nations to make all their data on biological agents (e.g., GoF research or wild animals being studied in labs) accessible to the WHO so ‘pandemic potential’ infectious diseases can be tracked by the WHO.” 

One such text of the treaty states: 

Government officials, researchers and workers across sectors at the local, national, regional and global levels should implement joint responses to health threats. This includes developing shared databases and surveillance across different sectors, and identifying new solutions that address the root causes and links between risks and impacts. 

The Midwestern Doctor points out that the treaty thus “incentivizes each nation to participate in GoF research, to share the bioweapons discovered with the world, and to collect the genetic information of their citizens (which amongst other things is necessary to make race-specific bioweapons). Enacting all of this of course requires a hefty dose of spying: ‘It will include digitalization and integration of surveillance systems across the human, animal, and environment spectrum.’” 

In addition to the obvious dangers of advancing GoF research and the sharing of bioweapons, the treaty would make it impossible to determine the source of a pandemic should any biolab leak occur. It is widely accepted that the COVID crisis in began Wuhan, China, due to a lab leak. 

The Midwestern Doctor warns, “If many nations end up sharing the same biological warfare agents, once a pandemic breaks out it will be impossible to know where the pandemic started, and who could have deliberately started it. In essence, this means the pandemic treaty is paving the way to a world where we have continual pandemics that require a harsh global response to ‘address them.’” 

Highlighting the insanity of incentivizing, developing, and sharing data from GoF research, the Midwestern Doctor warns that such activity will pave the way for gov sequencing of their citizen’s DNA: 

The most insane feature of the WHO’s Bureau draft (written by WHO staff) of the pandemic treaty is that it incentivizes GOF, in fact recommends it and reducing the administrative hurdles to it in every country, and then requires sharing of the most dangerous, deadly agents developed via this approach. It also requires the countries to obtain and sequence the genomes of the pandemic pathogens they collect[,] as a prominent focus of the treaty is the establishment of genetic sequencing labs in every country in the world (which in turn paves the way to sequence everyone’s DNA). 

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Money drives the ‘pandemic prevention’ complex 

Pointing out the huge monetary incentives driving the “pandemic prevention” agenda and narrative of Big Pharma and globalist elites, the Midwestern Doctor writes, “‘Preventing’ pandemics is one of the most lucrative areas in medicine. Unfortunately, despite all the money this industry has received, it has only made the problem worse. This is because most pandemics are the result of lab leaks from ‘preventative’ research, and because whenever an effective solution is discovered for a pandemic, it gets suppressed by the industry since so many business interests depend upon profiting off of an ‘unsolvable emergency.'”

The way COVID-19 was handled was so egregious that it woke much of the public up to this grift. Because of that, the pandemic-industrial complex is now facing an existential risk to its business model (since much of the general population no longer is willing to go along with it).  

To solve this problem, a covert WHO treaty has been put together behind the scenes which gives these international health agencies absolute control over anything related to an alleged “health emergency,” and in turn enshrines each awful policy which was conducted throughout COVID-19 (e.g., mass censorship or the promotion of dangerous and experimental vaccines). 

The Midwestern Doctor contends that the invocation of Emergency Use Authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the legal protection of vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies only serves to secure monetary profit for such industries at the cost of proper safety precautions and adequate testing. He writes:

Since the pandemic racket’s primary source of revenue is selling proprietary products that “mitigate” the next pandemic, a significant portion of the pandemic treaty goes towards protecting that market.

This is done by enshrining the use of emergency use pharmaceuticals, which as we saw throughout COVID-19 were a disaster but incredibly profitable for the pharmaceutical industry  An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) can be issued without any testing of the drug or vaccine at all—or perhaps minimal testing—depending on the mood of the FDA Commissioner (and it just so happens that the current one is arguably the most corrupt commissioner in history). This eliminates the lion’s share of the costs of drug and vaccine development. Rather with an EUA, the manufacturer can roll out the pharmaceutical product absent a demonstration of its safety and effectiveness—but only if the manufacturer, government, WHO and everyone else involved is shielded from liability for injuries that result.

Likewise, since injuries from these untested products are inevitable, the pandemic treaty stipulates complete immunity be given to the manufacturers.

Worse still, this medical monopoly is being established by giving the WHO (rather than your doctor) the authority to choose what responses are adopted to manage a pandemic—which will inevitably lead to the (lucrative) experimental pharmaceuticals being mandated while the competing ones (e.g., repurposed pharmaceutical drugs) are prohibited. 

In further evidence of the money-driven power grab being attempted with the treaty, the Midwestern Doctor reveals the hubris of the WHO’s claims that “climate change” is the cause of pandemics. He writes, “Since the ‘war on climate change’ and the ‘war on pandemics’ represent two of the greatest sources of wealth and power for the global elite, a lot of work has been put into conditioning the public being terrified of the existential risk each allegedly poses.” 

“In turn, the pandemic treaty seeks to link both of these together by arguing that ‘climate change’ is the root cause of the disastrous pandemics, and that this ‘problem’ thus necessitates giving the WHO (and its related organizations) control over how we interact with the environment.” 

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‘One Health’ program used to advance leftist abortion agenda 

The WHO’s left-wing globalist agenda is especially revealed in the treaty’s adherence to the euphemistically named program “One Health,” which equates human health with that of animals, plants, and non-living things. Under the umbrella of this catch-all “health” program, the murder of babies through abortion and the sexual mutilation and chemical castration of children through “transgender” surgeries are named “essential health services,” the denial of which can become cause for declaring a “health crisis” subject to the WHO’s authority under the treaty. 

Calling out the leftist agenda written into the program, the Midwestern Doctor states, “One Health began in 2004, at an international (globalist) conference where the idea was put forward that public health needed be expanded into a umbrella which could control (and profit off) every aspect of our lives.” 

For example, ‘climate change’ was folded into public health under the rationale that the dire environmental threats we faced necessitated making ‘ecological health’ a core facet of public health. As you might expect, the push for “One Health” was merged with the notion that the problems we now faced were too complex for the electorate to solve and hence necessitated decisions which would control our lives being delegated to a panel of multidisciplinary “experts.”

Since its founding, the scope of “One Health” has gradually expanded to cover each progressive concept (e.g., overpopulation, where humans should live, what farming practices should be used, global trade, vaccines, managing a wide variety of chronic diseases, promoting diversity and equity etc.). 

Attempt to supersede local law and legislative process 

Warning that the pandemic treaty is being introduced in order to undercut a democratic process in which an elitist power grab would likely fail due to popular resistance, as is already happening with the treaty itself, the Midwestern Doctor writes, “Since the underlying purpose of the WHO’s pandemic treaty is to provide a mechanism to bypass populist resistance against the WHO’s edicts, the treaty is attempting to supersede local law, and as the previous section shows, do so in secret so local legislators don’t realize what has been agreed to until the treaty’s ’emergency’ pandemic provisions kick in.” 

“For example, to quote an international lawyer and a former WHO physician scientist: 

A rational examination of the texts in question shows that: 

  1. The documents propose a transfer of decision-making power to the WHO regarding basic aspects of societal function, which countries undertake to enact.2. The WHO Director General will have sole authority to decide when and where they are applied [remember that they apply to both “pandemics” and “other health hazards”].
  2. The proposals are intended to be binding under international law.”

The Midwestern Doctor notes that “these powers include controlling where people can travel, forcing them to quarantine, implementing contact tracing, and mandating treatment or vaccination. Furthermore, many of the treaty’s provisions also violate existing laws (e.g., mass surveillance which violates basic medical privacy protections, taking away intellectual property rights from members of signatory nations, and as mentioned before, encouraging GoF research which violates the 1972 Biological Weapons Treaty).” 

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Calling for a full rejection of the proposed pandemic treaty, the Midwestern Doctor urges that, should President Joe Biden sign the treaty, which all evidence seems to indicate he will – even without the advice and consent of the Senate, contrary to the U.S. Constitution – individual states should assert their constitutionally guaranteed right to regulate the public health of their citizens. He writes, 

While it is unlikely the current presidential administration will be convinced to reject the pandemic treaty (as it is staffed with individuals who profited handsomely from COVID-19), as described above, individual states can opt out of it. Because of this,if legislatures, attorneys general, or governors either pass a bill or issue a statement declaring that the state is the authority over healthcare within it, that will prevent the treaty from being able to take effect there—and given the current political climate, it is likely many Republican states will listen to their constituents if enough of them voice their concerns on this treaty. 

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Encouraging the dangers of the pandemic treaty to be loudly declared and denounced, the Midwestern Doctor maintains that we stand now at a crossroads. He writes, “We are at a moment in history where we could easily go down two different paths with profound implications for generations to come—our society may end up becoming enslaved to the pandemic-industrial complex but we also have a once in a lifetime opportunity it to break up a predatory industry which has victimized generations of human beings around the world in its relentless pursuit of power and profit.” 


God placed us in this moment of history for a reason. Are you up to the challenge?  

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