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CHICAGO, IL (LifeSiteNews) —  A medical freedom activist died after doctors denied her the treatment she sought.

In the wake of the recent COVID-19-related death of a medical freedom activist, her power-of-attorney-advocate (POA), along with an interceding physician, have alleged medical malfeasance on the part of the hospital and broader medical system, the policies and protocols of which repeatedly denied Veronica Wolski known successful treatments, and even the ability to be transferred out of their hospital, though she begged for it continuously. 

“[We] were stymied at every turn,” said Dr. Lee Vliet, President and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation, in a video interview on the John-Henry Weston Show last Thursday. 

Vliet was joined by Wolski’s Power of Attorney (POA), Ms. Nancy Ross, who explained the extraordinary efforts she had made, with Vliet’s help, in her attempt to save the woman’s life. Wolski died early on September 13 at the age of 64. 

Wolski was best known for hanging banners from a bridge over the Kennedy expressway in Chicago encouraging drivers to reject compliance with mask and dangerous gene-based “vaccine” mandates. Her hospital stay, along with her death, inspired tremendous support by medical freedom advocates, who called for her to be given suitable treatments for recovery, but also mockery by those who charged her with “anti-vaccine disinformation.”   

In providing insight into what was happening behind the scenes of this story, Ross began explaining how Wolski had been admitted to the Catholic AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center somewhere around August 24 and diagnosed with “’COVID pneumonia,’ although her x-ray showed it was possible chest congestion.” 

Very soon after, Ross, a native of Chicago who now lives in South Carolina, explained, “I started receiving [text] messages” from Veronica begging for help to be moved from this hospital: ‘Get me out, get me oxygen, get me medical transport, get security here if you have to, get me out.’”  

In addition, after investigating the treatments Wolski was receiving, Ross observed “even something as simple as IV vitamins… were denied to her. She wanted her Ivermectin. That was denied to her. She wanted so many things that were not part of the hospital’s protocol. So, we began this fight [and] this advocacy [on her behalf].”  

Catholic hospital ‘ethics committee’ revokes prescription for Ivermectin, bars Ross from premises 

Illustrating the resistance hospitals across the nation are exercising to prevent the use of successful treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, Ross mentioned a recent court case in nearby Elmhurst, IL, where the “court ordered a hospital to allow a COVID patient to have Ivermectin. She ended up coming out of a coma, as is my understanding, [and] is now home playing with her grandkids.” 

Striving for a similar outcome for her friend Veronica, Ross was “thrilled” to secure a prescription for Ivermectin from Wolski’s infectious diseases doctor, considering it a “breakthrough,” only to soon discover that this physician “was overruled by the AMITA hospital system, by their ethics committee. 

“We demanded a conference with the ethics committee,” she said.

“They met without us. They did not give us a chance to present what we felt was some solid case study on ivermectin and other medicines.” 

Puzzled by this process, Ross explained how despite being within standard patient rights, as even stipulated in the AMITA admission forms, Wolski’s right to refuse the treatment being given, and to try the Ivermectin protocol prescribed to her by two different doctors, was not being recognized. 

“We understand if we had informed consent on their position, we could refuse kindly, and say ‘Ok, but we still demand to try this. This is what she wants,’ but this right was somehow not recognized,” she said.

Having lost her appeal, Ross explained, “I left the hospital and they called to tell me I was not to come back in, that they would deal directly with Veronica, that she was of sound mind and could make her own decisions, and that they would talk to me on the phone. After that, I was not allowed back in the hospital.” 

Attempt to transfer Wolski out of hospital impeded 

Beginning her comments, Dr. Vliet explained how she and her team are all “very experienced at treating COVID at all levels from critical care to outpatient,” and that, as a team, they reviewed Wolski’s records after being requested to do so by Ross and an attorney. 

“The consensus to the entire medical team reviewing [the case] was that there were so many options to improve Veronica’s clinical condition that had been totally ignored and refused,” Vliet said.

Further, after assessing the situation, the team concluded that they had the capacity to fulfill Wolski’s demand to be transferred out of this hospital and into an outpatient setting, where she could receive the treatment protocols she wanted, and to which she had a right. 

Yet having prepared for such a transfer, mobilizing everything needed, including an ambulance with high-flow oxygen capacity, Ross attempted to arrange for Wolski’s removal from AMITA, but was met with resistance and indifference from hospital staff. “’Call back Monday morning when their hospice team gets in,’” Ross reports being told. “I couldn’t understand why there was no sense of urgency to at least let her go in peace.” 

Distraught about this situation, she then called the police who told her there was nothing they could do about the situation, as it was a “civil matter.”  

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It's official: Joe Biden has announced that his Administration will be forcing COVID vaccinations on nearly 1/3rd of American citizens, blatantly disregarding the personal objections of millions of people and moving America ever closer towards a medical dictatorship.

We cannot stand for this unprecedented overreach, and we will not submit to Biden's tyrannical public coercion efforts.

Please SIGN this urgent petition informing the President that you will NOT comply with these unconstitutional vaccine mandate orders issued by the Biden Administration, and that elected officials should act in their capacity to block these intrusive demands.

On Thursday, September 9th, Joe Biden announced the latest round of federal orders meant to further coerce large swaths of the public into getting the COVID vaccine -- many against their will.

While the legal standing of these measures is, at best, dubious, the Biden Administration appears more ready than ever to gut our individual rights and practically erase medical autonomy in our country.

This latest escalation in overreach was announced via a televised speech in which Biden outlined a new "six-point plan" that includes far more than just six avenues to achieve mass medical compliance.

Among the most egregious new federal mandates are the following:

  • A requirement that all private businesses employing more than 100 people mandate their workers get the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing (to be implemented by way of a new Department of Labor rule)
  • A requirement that all federal employees and federal contractors get the COVID vaccine
  • A requirement that all healthcare workers in facilities that receive reimbursement from Medicare and/or Medicaid (an estimated 17 million) get the Covid-19 vaccine without an alternative testing option
  • A requirement that all Head Start teachers get the COVID vaccine
  • A federal effort to lobby states to implement vaccine mandates for all school employees, and require regular testing of all students and school staff
  • A federal effort to lobby entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination or testing in order to grant entry to the public
  • A continuation of mask mandates on all federal properties and during interstate travel (i.e. planes, trains, buses)

All in all, these new vaccine mandates, which will go into effect within the coming weeks, will affect an estimated 100 million American workers -- 2/3rds of the entire workforce!

And, according to an administration official, violations of these unconstitutional requirements could result in fines of up to $14,000.

While this is clearly a political ploy on the part of the Joe Biden and his team of power-hungry Washington insiders to shift the focus from their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the American public knows better: After nearly a year and a half's worth of arbitrary, ever-changing, and unconstitutional government mandates in response to the COVID outbreak, it was always a given that the Biden Administration would ramp things up even further when it behooved them.

And now, it would seem that time has officially come.

"This is not about freedom or personal choice," Biden uttered in his remarks, confirming his administration's blatant dismissal of all Americans' right(s) to accept or decline the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

This is a stunning reversal from Biden's declaration last December that "I don’t think [the vaccine] should be mandatory, I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory."

In fact, Biden even confirmed his intention to flout states' rights in the process, warning that "If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way."

These are not the words of an "empathetic" leader; these are the words of an aspiring dictator. And, for the time being, the only way to stop Joe Biden's tyranny is through mass noncompliance.

As we've said from the beginning, science, basic logic, and common sense should dictate policy regarding COVID and the Delta variant.

But Joe Biden and the federal government have long abandoned those principles throughout this crisis, culminating into this disturbing yet inevitable flurry of intrusive vaccine mandates that use people's jobs, individual autonomy, and livelihood as leverage.

This assault on our individual rights, private businesses, and American workers cannot be tolerated, and the easiest way to combat these unlawful orders is to just say NO.

Please SIGN and SHARE this most important petition letting Joe Biden know that you will NOT comply with the unconstitutional medical demands being made by this administration, and that action should be taken to block any intrusive action against working Americans and private employers.

Thank you!


'Biden announces vaccine requirements for private businesses, impacting tens of millions of Americans':

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Hospitals across nation using the ‘same playbook’ to block patient rights, ‘losing people every day’ 

In reflecting on their efforts to save Wolski’s life, Vliet said, “what was shocking to me as a physician, knowing what the legal and medical ethics are, is that the most astounding interference was the interference and refusal to honor the patient’s request… and not only that but to refuse the patient’s power-of-attorney, who has a legal duty as the agent, to carry out the patient’s wishes and to see that that is done.” 

“I have not, ever in my career … seen patient’s power of attorney legal rights overridden so flagrantly and abusively as we witnessed over this four days with Veronica’s situation,” she said. 

In hospitals across the United States, there appears to be “exactly the same pattern of abuse of patient rights [in these COVID situations]. This is medical tyranny,” Vliet continued.

“It is overriding all of the legal and medical ethical principles that have been operative for my entire career, or my knowledge of the history of medicine in this country.” 

These hospitals “are using the same tactics and the same playbook, and the same blocking of the patient’s rights and the power of attorney access to the patient,” she said. “This is a much bigger issue than simply denying Ivermectin as one medicine.” 

Furthermore, in her assessment, Vliet said, “basics are being denied: adequate IV fluids, adequate caloric intake, vitamins, comfort care with allowing private duty nurses if that is what the patient wants, allowing the patient to be discharged to home hospice, which is a legal right of the patient… That is supposed to be honored. It’s always been in my experience in medicine.” 

“And so, I think that the very, very serious and very chilling development is the consistency of the pattern hospitals are using: the fact that the patient’s legal rights as a patient are being overridden, the fact that power of attorney, legal documents are being thrown out and ignored. And if we don’t stand up to this medical tyranny then we are literally losing people every day because their wishes are not being followed and basic treatments are being ignored,” she said. 

Hospitals paid many thousands of extra dollars per each patient on a ventilator, causing ‘unnecessary deaths’ 

When asked about the interests of hospitals in insisting COVID patients take ventilators, Vliet said, “There’s a tragic and very simple answer [to that question]: They are paid thousands of dollars more for every patient on a ventilator. And this is happening in every hospital.” 

The enormous amount of extra dollars hospitals are paid for prescribing “Remdesivir, ventilators, and COVID diagnoses,” has all been documented, she said. 

Since emergency COVID-19 legislation was signed into law last year, establishing government COVID-19 “relief funding,” the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been providing what some have called “perverse incentives” awarding significantly more compensation to hospitals if patients are classified as COVID-19 positive ($13,000) or put on a ventilator ($39,000). 

According to the testimony of one whistleblower, such incentives, along with the policies of keeping family advocates out of the hospital, can lead to a “perfect storm,” involving a “complete and absolute disregard for human life” and many “unnecessary deaths.” 

Corporate interference with doctors’ ‘ability to practice independent medical judgment’ 

When asked to explain how so many doctors could forgo prescribing treatments that work against COVID-19 and instead pressure patients to accept a ventilator, Vliet said that “the majority of primary care doctors in the United States now … are employees of large, primary care, outpatient practice groups. Most of the large groups are actually owned by the hospital systems” which may tie the hands of physicians regarding the prescribing of medications “off label” though it has been a common practice in medicine immemorial. 

As was the case with a friend of hers, who is a doctor in one of these groups, the physicians have all been forbidden in many places by their employers from prescribing hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. 

“So, all of the proper off-label uses for hydroxychloroquine, for many things, that many of us have done for years, was forbidden to this group of doctors by corporate interference with their ability to practice independent medical judgment,” Vliet explained. 

Thus, “the large health systems are actually controlling the outpatient practices and directing them not to do the outpatient care, and that drives everybody into the box canyon of the hospital, where the diagnosis of COVID increases the revenue. The use of Remdesivir … increases the revenue, and where, as soon as they can get them on the ventilator, it increases the revenue,” Vliet explained. 

“The public needs to understand that … patients are prisoners of protocols. They are not being treated as individual patients for this situation,” she concluded. 

Ross honored Wolski for her courage, boldness, and wisdom.

“She stood strong in this incredible battle that we’re seeing across the country, where our constitutional rights are being violated,” Ross said.

“[Wolski] loved all people, she loved America, she loved her faith, and in the end she fought till her death for medical freedom,” she continued. 

“She is an American hero, and her work will continue.” 



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