LONDON, Mar 18 (LSN) – About 200 doctors and ethics experts from around the globe met in London on Friday for a two-day conference to fight euthanasia. The conference was sponsored by the International Right to Life Federation and The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). “The aim of the conference is to provide delegates with a clear understanding of the arguments for compassionate care and against euthanasia for terminally ill, disabled and dying patients,’’ said SPUC’s Phyllis Bowman, who co-chaired the meeting. Dr John Wilkie, the American founder and president of the international federation, gave reporters the slogan,  “Don’t kill the patient, kill the pain.’’  Although the Netherlands is most liberal in its laws around euthanasia with its permitting terminally ill patients the right to die if doctors follow a set procedure, the U.S. is challenging the Netherlands with up to 20 States considering legislation similar to that of Oregon, where the “Death with Dignity Act” allows doctors to assist terminally ill patients to die under supposedly restrictive conditions.