Documentary on Ex-Homosexuals to Premiere Nationwide In U.S. October 8-11

WASHINGTON, September 13, 2004 ( - Schools, colleges and churches all over the country will be showing a new video that documents the transformation in the lives of people who have gone from being identified as gay to being identified as straight. The premiere will be held during the weekend of October 8-11 in response to National Coming Out Day activities on October 11.  “The documentary “I Do Exist” features people who have a story to tell that is not often heard. “Many in our country are skeptical that people who once identified as homosexual can make profound transformations. This 52-minute film introduces the audience to five such people along with expert commentary,” said producer Warren Throckmorton, Ph.D.  Also, featured in the film is Dr. Robert Spitzer, from Columbia University. Dr. Spitzer is well known for his research in diagnosis and sexual orientation. Dr. Spitzer is also renowned for his role in removing homosexuality from the list of disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973.  One of the video participants was once featured in an award winning film as a gay man. Noe Gutierrez was in the video “It’s Elementary” explaining what being gay was like to middle school children. Mr. Gutierrez has since become heterosexual and talks about his process of transition on the I Do Exist video.  The purpose of the national launch is to raise awareness and encourage discussion concerning the topic of change in sexual identity. October 11 is National Coming Out Day when the gay political group, the Human Rights Campaign, publicizes the message that the only healthy response to same sex attractions is to declare a gay, lesbian or bisexual identity. The film I Do Exist gives the narratives of five people who have chosen a different path, one that involves a profound personal transformation.  Directed by James Kragel, the video is being shown in churches, libraries, colleges, and homes nationwide. “Currently, we have over 45 venues scheduled and are adding more daily,” said Throckmorton.  Organizations and individuals wanting to take part and host a showing of any size are encouraged to contact Dr. Throckmorton at [email protected] or 724-458-3787. For more information on the video, I Do Exist, or to register a showing go to   jhw

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