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NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) — Before an enthusiastic crowd at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, former president Donald Trump charged the Biden administration with “destroying our country” and pledged his candidacy as a “ticket back to freedom.” He also appeared to disregard his prepared remarks and entertained the crowd with stories from his time as president and a mocking impersonation of Joe Biden.

On the day of South Carolina’s Republican Presidential Primary, the party’s front-runner visited the popular conference in Maryland and outlined the high “stakes of this election,” including the grave dangers of the Biden administration’s weaponization of law enforcement, the “J6 hostages,” and election fraud stating “they cheated like dogs” in 2020.

“Four years ago, I told you that if Crooked Joe Biden got to the White House, our borders would be abolished, our middle class would be decimated, and our communities would be plagued by bloodshed, chaos and violent crime,” began Trump. “We were right about everything.”

“So, believe me when I offer you another warning,” he continued, “If crooked Joe Biden and his thugs win in 2024, the worst is yet to come. Our country will sink to levels that were unimaginable.”

The 45th President went on to predict illegal aliens swelling to 40 or 50 million with a resulting collapse of social security, Medicare and public education programs and severe shortages in energy.

“Our economy will be starved of energy by Crooked Joe’s vindictive green new scam,” he said. “It’s a green new scam. It will be the destruction of our country. It is indeed a scam and most of them know it.”

He continued predicting the loss of millions more manufacturing jobs, with rolling energy blackouts, “rampant inflation,” the expansion of violence from “ruthless gangs” even into the suburbs, “while weaponized law enforcement hunts for conservatives and people of faith.”

Additionally, “a declining crooked Joe Biden… [the] most incompetent president in the history of our country, will soon have us losing World War III.”

“Our country is being destroyed, and the only thing standing between you and it’s obliteration is me,” he said to rounds of applause.

“Crooked Joe and his henchmen have you trapped, and it’s an express train barreling toward servitude and to ruin,” Trump said also explaining that Biden is being directed by “some very bad fascists” who surround him.

“A vote for Trump is your ticket back to freedom. It’s your passport out of tyranny. And it’s your only escape from Joe Biden and his gang’s fast track to hell,” he said to applause.

Weaponization of DOJ: ‘I’ve been indicted more than Alphonse Capone’

The presidential frontrunner also emphasized that Joe Biden “really is a threat to democracy” due to his administration’s well-known weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI against their political enemies.

“I stand before you today not only as your past and hopefully future president, but as a proud political dissident,” Trump continued. “I’ve been indicted more than Alphonse Capone” he said, explaining the ruthlessness of the prohibition gangster who would order murders for the slightest of offenses. “I got indicted four times by this gang of thugs for nothing.”

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He classified these weaponized assaults as “very dangerous” observing “we’ve never had anything like this in this country” even if it has often happened elsewhere, “But in third world countries and in banana republics, not in the United States of America. So, it’s very dangerous.”

Furthermore, “the closer we get to this magnificent liberation of our country, the more desperate the Biden regime’s evil persecution against us has become,” he explained. “The Stalinist show trials being carried out at Joe Biden’s orders set fire not only to our system of government, but to hundreds of years of Western legal tradition.”

“They replace law precedent and due process with a rabid mob of radical left Democrat partisans masquerading as judges and juries and prosecutors and executioners,” Trump said sharing off-script the intense “level of hatred” exhibited by judges and prosecutors in these cases who know he has done nothing wrong.

“It’s sick. These are sick people,” he said. “The only crime I’ve ever committed is defending America from those who want to destroy it, I will fight those who want to destroy it.”

“And they’re very angry at me because I won an election that wasn’t supposed to happen, and they were caught off guard and they said, ‘we’ll never let that happen again.’ And in 2020, they cheated like dogs. And we all know it.”

“For that and that alone, Biden and his deranged prosecutors, attorneys general, local district attorneys are trying to take away my liberty,” the former president continued. “If there’s any shred of justice left, they will fail and we will win.”

“But I would rather lose my freedom than surrender to this group of thugs and tyrants, fascists, scoundrels and rogues,” Trump said.

Regarding American citizens being prosecuted for protesting the 2020 election at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, the 45th president said, “there’s never been in the history of our country a group of people treated the way they’ve been treated.”

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“Carpenters, mechanics, lawyers, firemen, policemen, military people: They went to protest a rigged election. And they’ve been sentenced to years in prison,” he said contrasting this selective prosecution with Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists who “burn down” cities like “Portland and they take over a vast section of Seattle” and are let off easy from the DOJ.

“I’m here to unleash this captive nation from Joe Biden and his gang of very bad people, very sick people, smart people, intelligent people, but they’re hell bent on the destruction of American freedom,” he said.

He encouraged all present to ensure that when the fall comes, the people of the United States will “deliver a reckoning like they haven’t even imagined before. We’re going to straighten out our country. We’re going to bring our country back.”

“For hardworking Americans, November 5th will be our new Liberation Day. But for the liars and cheaters and fraudsters and censors and imposters who have commandeered our government, it will be their judgment day,” he said.

“When we win, the curtain closes on their corrupt reign and the sun rises on a bright new future for America. That’s what we have to have.”


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