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Mother Miriam and the Daughters of Mercy, Mother of Israel's Hope have officially been welcomed into the Diocese of Salina, Kansas.
Thu Jan 21, 2021 - 1:12 pm EST
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January 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Mother Miriam Live! has been a staple here at LifeSite for the past several years.

Mother has been bringing the hard-truths of the Catholic faith to millions of listeners across the world. Her unwillingness to bend to political correctness and her dedication to promoting the message of Jesus Christ has been known to ruffle a few feathers. 

LifeSite is pleased to announce that after years of trying to find a permanent home, Mother Miriam and the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope, have finally found a residence in Beloit, Kansas under Gerald Vincke, the Bishop of Salina.

Bishop Vincke has officially extended an invitation to Mother Miriam’s traditional order to live in his diocese. Mother and her community are very much looking forward to assisting the Bishop with his needs.

The house Mother Miriam is seeking to purchase in the area is currently on the market for $200,000. The home is perfect for her community.

LifeSite has started a LifeFunder campaign to help raise the needed money to help the community purchase the home. LifeFunder is LifeSite’s Christian alternative to sites like G0FundMe that often censor or block fundraising projects that they deem too offensive.

Click the following link to securely donate to help Mother Miriam and the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope purchase their new home in Kansas:

Rest assured that when you donate to this great cause, you will not only be in the prayers of Mother Miriam and her community but you will be doing a great work of mercy by helping build up the Kingdom of God on earth. 

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