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It's Day 3 into our critical Spring campaign, we have raised almost $10,000 towards our absolute minimum $200,000 goal. Thank you to the readers who have started the donations!
But we still need all of our readers who are committed to building a Culture of Life to step forward to keep this international pro-life and pro-family news agency fully operational as we face the many challenges in the months ahead.

As I mentioned in our last letter, with our staff of 25+ full and part-time journalists, editors, support staff, freelance writers, web designers, tech experts, graphic artists, and legal, accounting, and equipment costs, it takeseveryone to chip in to keep this global news agency humming along at full speed.
But let me tell you: it’s worth it! 
Already in just the first two and a half months of 2016, our news reports have been accessed and viewed over 14 million times by readers. That makes LifeSite the #1 most-visited pro-life website…in the world! 
And what are people currently discovering on LifeSite?

  • Where the various presidential candidates stand on life and family issues, and how the presidential race is going to affect the pro-life and pro-family movements, according to the top leaders and activists on the ground.
  • How courageous mothers and fathers are choosing life for their babies even when doctors are pressuring them to abort!
  • Live and exclusive coverage of the Washington D.C. March for Life, and how Marches for Life are growing in number and size around the world.
  • How international developments related to life and family are being shaped by U.S. policy and impacting our own country.  

There is a critical need to bring these kinds of life-saving, and culture-changing stories to tens of millions more people!

Will you be one of those who will help us make this possible by bringing us closer to our goal today? Click here to donate.

You can also make a donation by phone or mail. Our team just loves hearing from you!
The simple reality is that the only way we are able to sustain LifeSite, keeping it on track to serve 50 million+ people around the world, is to have a proportional level of support from our readers.

How many more millions of people will we reach this year with the truth about abortion, marriage, family, faith, and freedom? That largely depends on the level of support we receive from readers like you!
Here’s something to think about: today, between 150,000 and 200,000 people will visit our website to access our news reports.
They will be leadersactivistsparentspoliticians, and everyday readers who want to stay informed on breaking, always reliable, professionally-researched news related to life and family issues – written by journalists who are far freer than most to report the whole truth.
If even just 1% of the visitors to our website today alone donated $100 or more, we would reach our goal in a single day!

If just 10% could give as little as $10, we would reach our goal!

You have never let us down. 

In a world where the mainstream media controls so much of the information that people access, our readers have never taken LifeSite for granted!

We, in turn, never take your support for granted! Every single donation we receive, no matter how large or small, inspires us to work harder to spread the beautiful truth of the Gospel of Life to as many people as possible!
Thank you in advance for whatever you decide to give towards the LifeSite mission!